What's up Rothtards?

Zero here to give my ever so worthless opinion, as a contribution to this site...I could give money...but please...my sides...

With all seriousness, Here are my take on a few things:

Kanye West needs to shut the fuck up: What an asshole. Granted you don't like what happens in New Orleans, but don't vent out in a Telethon for victems just to get more publicity for your crappy records. I'm sure you prove that you care about the victems by appearing on talk shows and magazine covers. Hell, why not use one of the most horrific moments in us history, to boost sales, and get some of those platinum rims to attract some more of those "gold diggers" you sing about. Bastard.

Ipod nano is for people who want their shit to be lost or stolen: What can you possibly due to improve the rate of what has become the most stolen, most lost item in recent police reports...You make the shit smaller, and hold less songs.

I guess people like getting less and less. Hell, we all know how fucking huge and heavy those fucking ipods are, huh?

TV programing just sucks ass: how sad has tv gotten when you get an unfunny snl skit from 20 years ago and make a television show out of it? When will people realize that David Spade, IS NOT FUNNY?

JBL Should Be the fucking champ: Seriously, nobody on smackdown can carry the belt other than the WRESTLING GOD. Booker T turns everything into crap, and it's only a matter of time before people just get boered with Batista...other wise known as, the love child of the ultimate warrior and the rock.

Helvis should get a fucking medal, or be a mod or something: Seriously, he is "the king" of fucking pornography. His thread on catholic school girls, is awesome. Hell, trumped Scotti's asain porn...hmm...maybe. Hell, that thread should be saved for it's shear awesomeness. And there has to be a higher ranking than 5 to give to this genious.

Hitch is still the fucking man for life I know with the drama and shit that happened was bullshit, but let's face it. Hitch keeps this bitch of a bore fest alive and kicking, even if he has to start the shit to do it. Other wise, main would be deserted, and we'd all be wanking to school girl porn instead of talking in main...uhhuh..uhhuh...uhhuhuhuhuhuh.

These links need to be fixed: man...Sarge needs to come back from kicking Iraqi ass, and fix some of these bitches, cause man...I need me some Dave boots...and fast.

Warf's awesome: With his constant threads about music, I'll be in Diamond status in no time. Can't wait for "Favorite song of 1931" thread.

Cabo samwitches are awesome.
Say all you want about the sammy connection...But come on...It's a damn good sammich, and it's only 3 bucks...come on, that's good lunchoen, and a budget and you know it. Just shut up, pull up a chair, drink a soda, and get on with your lives people.

Celibrites are cheap ass mutherfuckers: Seriously, they only got like, millions of dollars, and have shit loads of merchandise, so why do they only give poor people hats and hugs? I guess giving back to the fans isn't as important as a sound bite, or a clip in Star magazine.

Nextel Phones are annoying as hell: If you don't work on the docks, or a construction site, then why the fuck do you insist on screaming on a walkie talking in public. Nobody cares to hear your boring ass coversations with your friends every where you go, because your ass is too cheap to waste minutes in their celluar plan.

Filesharing should come back leagally: how annoying is that shit, Back in the day, nobody had cd burners, or broadband, but we downloaded anyway, even if it took a half hour for a 2 minute song. Now that everybody has burners, and virtually everybody on broadband, and we need to pay for songs? That's fucked up.

Nintendo Ds Sucks ass: To all the ninty fanboys out there...face it, the shit sucks. It's a piece of shit, with a pen as a controller...It's only good feature, is playing shit ass games. Don't call inovation on shit that's worthless.

That's all for now.
Feel free to comment, read, flame, bash, etc.
Updates soon...