Well, I was at work today and the missus called me up and said she wanted to go see KISS, being that she's never seen them. She said tickets for the show in our area went on sale this morning and were available for purchase. I roll my eyes and ask when and where the show is. It's on a Saturday night at the local amphitheater about 6 miles from our house, and she can get us two tickets for $120 total.

So, she and I are going to see KISS on October...9th(I think)?

I'm not even sure if Roth is still slated to open for them that many months ahead (and frankly seeing Roth live nowadays...a bit more ugh than yay), but...well...at least I'll know most of KISS's setlist (long as they don't play any tracks from Sonic Boom or Monster)...so there's that...I guess...

I did always want to see KISS in makeup. Have only ever seen them once in 1985 on the Asylum tour. Ace and Peter obviously aren't there anymore, and truth be told if my wife hadn't expressed a desire to go I certainly wouldn't have, but I'll go and try to have some fun anyway.