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Thread: DLR 1988-04-22 Centrum, Worcester, MA (CBG Classic Master Video Series Vol 28

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    DLR 1988-04-22 Centrum, Worcester, MA (CBG Classic Master Video Series Vol 28

    Another show I recently authored to DVD. You can either download this at Dime, or send me a PM and I'll provide you Dropbox links.

    David Lee Roth
    Worcester, MA
    April 22, 1988
    CBG Classic Master Video Series Vol.28

    video: (CBG) Ricoh R-600 (same specs as Sony CCD-V5) 8mm camcorder (w/ 2X teleconverter lens) master 8mm analog tape; NTSC, 4:3 PAR, 29.97 fps; transferred to harddrive via a firewire using a Sony TRV-330 8mm digital camera w/ Time Base Correction; video capture, editing, and 2-pass VBR encoding done with Sony Vegas Pro 12 at 8.2K max, 8.0K avg, 1K min; authored to DVD in Sony DVD Architect Pro 6. All video editing, audio synching and DVD authoring by Silver Stallion.

    audio: recorded w/ Aiwa-CM30A mic through the Ricoh R-600's external mic in jack; captured with the video from the master 8mm analog tape; LPCM 1536 bit

    running time: 103 mins (full show)

    disk 1 (52 mins)
    1. The Bottom Line
    2. Hot Dog And A Shake
    3. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
    4. Just Like Paradise
    5. Knucklebones
    6. Easy Street
    7. Hot For Teacher
    8. Stand Up
    9. On Fire
    10. Steve Vai solo
    11. Skyscraper

    disk 2 (49 mins)
    1. Just A Gigolo / I Ain't Got Nobody
    2. Goin' Crazy!
    3. steel drum solo
    4. Yankee Rose (incl 2 min fill of 1988-04-23 for camera duck)
    5. instrumental
    6. Panama
    7. California Girls
    8. You Really Got Me
    9. Jump

    I only have one request, that you don't take these files and post them on other torrent sites. I have many shows to upload. I will upload, let them get seeded by others and after a majority have downloaded the files completely, remove my files so I can seed something new. I prefer to manage my own shows on DIME and The Traders Den. I will upload to other sites when I wish to for select shows. Thanks for honoring my wishes in advance.

    This is “CBG Classic Master Video Series Vol.28”.

    This was one of those nights that just happened to fall in line. It was the very first time I was able to film at The Centrum in Worcester, MA. I had been there many times. I even tried a couple times to film there but couldn’t get the camcorder into the arena. This was only the 4th time I was attempting to film with this camera and after the disappointments of Aerosmith New Year’s Eve not being able to get in and then not even bringing my camcorder for Kiss a month later when I could have just walked right in with it with no search, I was determined to make this happen. I just filmed the night before at Nassau Coliseum and I wanted to get the “Boston” show. I wish I had tried in Providence and Hartford earlier in the month, but the time was now and I had to find a way to get through that door. To me, this was one of the big arenas that I never thought I could film at. And there were several occasions where I went and it seemed like I would never be able to film here.

    This night, the searches were intense as ever. Heck, just three months earlier, at Kiss, I could have walked right into the arena with my camcorder but I didn’t bring it. So I check the atrium and no dice, they are checking again, UGH… everyone is being patted on the back and pockets and ankles checked. I go to the side door and they are searching well, again patting everyone on the back. So I go to the other side of the arena and check all the entrances, maybe 3 more. Again, head to toe searches and patting everyone on the back. What is it with patting people on the back? I think I am the only one with something on my back in this whole crowd. So now I am thinking this isn’t going to happen again and I am bummed. So I am standing at a distance away from the entrance on the other side of the arena and I just start examining all the searchers. Looking at their techniques. I see this one guy slip up and not pat a patron on his back. Then the next guy he pats on the back. I sort of move up towards his side to get a closer look, letting people go by me still like 8 people from the security guy. So I watch him more closely and it seems that he is in some sort of rhythm of patting every third person on the back. I start to count it out…1 no,2 no, 3 he pats…This looks like my only option. And I think to myself, why not go for it. I already have one show at Nassau Coliseum recorded, and I said to myself before this evening that I am going to really try this time here in Worcester. What’s the worst that can happen at the door, they catch you and tell you to bring it back to your car. Time to not be a pu$$y. So I work my way up to being just before the guy searching. He doesn’t tap the guy on the back that is going through. So I let another guy go before me as I slide back once again and he taps that guy on the back. Here it is…go for it. I step up and cut the next guy in line and I am holding my breath, literally…thinking this isn’t going to be good if he taps my back. And true to fashion, as his tendency was, he didn’t tap me on the back. UGH….a huge sigh of relief and I can breathe now. Deep breath. One more. Calm down. I am in the Worcester Centrum for the first time with a camcorder. Mission conquered.

    So I go upstairs and find a seat on the left side and shoot Poison and then David Lee Roth. This is before they built the third level on the sides of the arena. I even risked it the first time I was in there with a camcorder to attempt the warm-up band and succeeded. The show went fine once Roth was playing. Then comes walking out of the arena after the show ends. This one was especially sweet as it was the first time there and filming. Now I had Nassau Coliseum (3 times) and the Worcester Centrum (1 time) checked off. Two major arenas that I just didn’t think I could get into and film. So as I walked out of the arena, I was sky high. The adrenaline rush of the accomplishment hits and it feels great. The pressure is off, no more security to worry about, no more anxiety. I get to the car and I check the audio to make sure it was all connected properly and the result was complete, then the drive home. That is a boost that keeps you going all the way back home on a dark interstate drive late at night. I put in an audio of another show from the tour into the cassette deck to kinda relive it while driving and I am on my way. Worcester would have its ups and downs, but this night I left on an up and succeeded filming for the first time. Enjoy Diamond Dave in New England! CBG5150
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