Back story -
So Jacksmar is laying in bed just off Leicester Square in London town back in 1994. I was finishing up IT some work with British Telecom and then heading over to the German Grand Prix, coming back to set up some more business links for the rest of the week on Monday.

We've all been there: the alarm goes off you're half awake, you're half hung over so far your heads in the casket.

So the song comes on the radio, I'm assuming the BBC.

The song is about some guy that's really upset because his lady has passed away. She's above him, watching over him but he doesn't know she's there looking after him.

The only lyrics I can remember go something like this:

You can't see me but I'm with you right above your head
>>>>>>>>>>>>>....................... even though I'm dead (?)

Background chorus sings:
it's getting better now

Later in the song he apparently finds somebody new because the back ground chorus sings:

It's getting darker now - I really must be going

That's all I got. After all these years I'm surprised I can remember that much, and I'm not drinking right now so I don't know why I remembered it. I've looked everywhere for the last 25 years, listened to Dutch and Finnish music thinking there may have been a miss on my part of because of the translation or something to that effect. I'm pretty good with searching databases but I just can't find the song.

The only thing I can add is the music in the beginning is like a child's old toy piano where the keys sound more like a miniature Fisher-Price xylophone or tuned can-I-help-you desk bells than a set of piano strings.

I figure I've come to the right place and I should have the song by kickoff time unless I'm really mistaken.

By the way, I ended up meeting a beautiful woman named Mary Anne Pierce who ended up doing marketing for the Rolling Stones. And I mention this because we shared the same birthday. Just like finding the song -- what are the odds?