Well, well, well, looks like another Demmy lawyer has tossed her bid to make herself some more money when she loses

"Climate change? Bitch, please."

The American midwest girl who claims she doesn't "come from money" but loves it when Wall Street money comes to her. She might have more swag between her legs then say, my favorite lying Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand (a.k.a. the Whore of Wall Street). Amy here is from Minnesota, and what the fuck ever came out of Minnesota for a god damn politician? Al "groopy hands" Franklin and Jessie "known conspiracy troll" Ventura, that's who. What will Amy's legacy be? Oh right, she's for the working class blah blah fuckity blah while voting on every Bill that fucks them right over.

God damn it, if I'm going to sell my soul and vote Demmy then I want my politician to lie to my fucking face - Kirsten Gillibrand. Anyway, look for Amy to start making all the bullshit talk shows soon. Somewhere Rachael Maddow is masturbating herself on the phone with her producers wondering when they'll have Amy on.

Stay tuned. The F A T Orange apocalypse is coming.