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Thread: Roth on rogan 2.28.19

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    I don't understand people trashing Dave. This was one of his most mature and coherent interviews I've ever seen.

    The guy is supremely intelligent, which is why I think you dickheads are lost. You just aren't smart enough to follow him.

    It makes me laugh when people analyze his life....."he's lonely"....."lost".....etc.

    He could be in a coma, and still be smarter than most of you.

    Guy gets more pussy in a month than have or ever will have in you entire life

    Even the Joe Rogan board comments are overwhelmingly positive. People were blown away by Dave....those who know who he is as well as those who don't.

    The guy is a living legend who still climbs in his 60s (including the Himilayas) and can run circles around most of you. Living the life of 50 people who each lived a full life.

    I think many of you are just jealous. And you should be.

    Now go give your fat ugly wives a kiss.....
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