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Thread: Van Halen Live Fresno 1979

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    Van Halen Live Fresno 1979

    As some of you will already know, there was cine film footage taken of Van Halen's opening show of their World Vacation Tour in Fresno California March 25th 1979. As the footage was taken in 3 minute bursts because of the limits of those old cameras, the footage was always a bit crappy to watch. FresnoMediaRestoration has now sat down and married up all the footage with a continuous bootleg of the sound and filled in the gaps with photos from the show.

    Light Up the Sky
    (Very 1st Live Performance)

    Somebody Get Me a Doctor

    Drum Solo

    Runnin' With the Devil

    Dance the Night Away
    (Very 1st Live Performance)

    Beautiful Girls
    (Earliest Known Live Performance)

    On Fire

    Bass Solo

    You're No Good
    (Dee Dee Warwick cover) (Earliest Known Live Performance)

    Feel Your Love Tonight

    Outta Love Again
    (Earliest Known Live Performance)

    Ice Cream Man
    (John Brim cover)

    Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

    Guitar Solo
    (Including "Spanish Fly" + "Eruption")

    (Last Known Live Performance until July 30, 1982)

    You Really Got Me
    (The Kinks cover)

    Bottoms Up!

    More info at
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