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    Dave on WTF

    Dave is on the latest Marc Maron WTF Podcast, one of the biggest podcasts in the world, everyone from Paul McCartney, the Stones to Obama has been on it.

    It's a really good interview, new stories about the old days and Maron manages to just about stop Dave going into total full stream of consciousness ramble mode. He talks about some stuff he usually ducks about the relationship with the Van Halen brothers which is just as bad as we all thought.

    You only need to hear David Lee Roth talk for a few seconds to understand why he is the consummate rock and roll frontman. Diamond Dave takes Marc on a stream of consciousness ride through his past, present, future and whatever else he’s thinking about in the moment. They talk about David’s love of Big Band music, jazz guitar, his Uncle Manny, working as an EMT in the Bronx, and his serendipitous pairing with the Van Halen brothers that created musical perfection and nonstop personal animosity. This episode is sponsored by Present Company with Krista Smith, SimpliSafe, and
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