Texas GOP lawmaker brutally mocked for talk of bringing space aliens ‘salvation through Jesus’
Published 6 hours ago on July 24, 2020 By Brad Reed

A Republican Texas state congressman on Friday was instantly buried in mockery after he began musing about the possibilities of converting space aliens to Christianity.

Texas State Rep. Jonathan Stickland reacted to reports about declassifying information on UFO sightings by stating that any aliens aboard the ships would have to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts if they wanted a chance at eternal paradise.

“IF aliens are real, salvation through Jesus Christ is the only way they enter Heaven,” wrote Stickland, who describes himself as a “Christian Conservative Liberty-Loving Republican.”

Stickland’s Twitter followers quickly piled on to ridicule his notions of bringing extraterrestrials to Jesus — check out some reactions below.

Maybe they have their own sky god(s).

Maybe THEY created us.

Maybe your god was a precocious child of theirs that ran away and made a mess in a mud puddle.

All this and more is possible.

— Libtard Jesus, ANTIFA (it’s in the Bible) (@LibtardJesus1) July 24, 2020
A little too early to be smoking weed dude.

— (@jimmyotx) July 24, 2020
I am so sad for all the Gorblaxians from Nulsar 7. Their civilization died out several million years ago before they could even become aware of our planet and Jesus.

Now they’re burning in hell and don’t even understand why. Such a shame.

— Christian “Chonky Lynx” Restifo (@restifo) July 24, 2020
I for one would love to see Jeffress baptize little green men in the $7mm fountain at @firstdallas that they won’t let the homeless cool off in.

— Uncle Jimmy’s mask gave him VD (@jneutron1969) July 24, 2020
I mean that literally, by the way. The story is “Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven” and was first published in Harper’s in 1907.https://t.co/09w0wpomhz

— Jordan ⚧(She/Her) Is Trans and YOU CAN’T STOP HER (@ParchmentScroll) July 24, 2020
I’m trying to imagine being this stupid.

I can’t do it.

— Calabrin (@OneTrueCalabrin) July 24, 2020
IF leprechauns are real, Jeff Dales, God of Squirrels is the only way to be blessed with nuts and berries in abundance, and to gain protection you from owls and felines.

— John Countryman (@CountrymanJohn) July 24, 2020
For example, in his worldview how the heck do they get original sin? They ain’t sons of Adam…

— Andrew Benedict-Nelson (@benedictnelson) July 24, 2020
Ah I see that you’re thinking about the important things as the country burns. I mean, have you seen how COVID is wrecking your state??? And it’s all because of you and your party. But, yeah, let’s talk more about the guy in the sky.

— botoxed camel (@mccbumgarner) July 24, 2020
Please leave the planet and go spread the gospel in outer space.

— InSitu (@InSitu) July 24, 2020
exactly! And what if *gasp* THEY have their own God?

— Jennifer Sage*♀️⛷ (@vivavelo) July 24, 2020
But if aliens are, say, Hispanic, just toss ’em in a cage, right? https://t.co/GZse4z8Gpp

— The Emperor’s New Tone (@here4tehbeer) July 24, 2020