According to men and some women who like to wear white lab coats and examine things, Lake Erie is "the shallowest, and therefore the warmest, of the five Great Lakes, is uniquely vulnerable to algal blooms. Like most other water bodies suffering from blooms, the lake is overloaded with nutrients, forming the perfect breeding ground for a bacteria known to poison pets, contaminate drinking water and create oxygen-deprived “dead zones” that kill aquatic life."

Eerie to look at, eh, kids?

Now here is a big word for some of you but Toxic cyanobacteria also know as the Ohio shithole state "toxic algae mascot" developed after a drinking water plant in (where else?) Toledo, Ohio, found dangerous levels of toxins during a routine test, and the city declared the tap water undrinkable. Hundreds of thousands of people were left scrambling to find safe water until Toledo lifted the ban more than two days later.

But did they?

“It’s like the worst case scenario,” said some person wearing a lab coat who works at some University somewhere.

Yes, Lake Erie is a danger to the American way of life. Soon the toxic algae sludge will overgrow the banks and invade suburban Ohio and quickly spread elsewhere like Ice 9 did in that Vonnegut novel thus killing all life on earth. Don't say I didn't warn you.