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    The Summer of Kristy now officially over. Three days early.

    What did you government-sponsored cretins do with your 2022 summer? Don't bother for you know no one gives a shit. I bet you celebrated the Fourth with shitty beer, burgers and COVID with self-loathing.

    I did a lot of drugs like I said I would. Mainly heavy psychedelics and significant milligram edibles with lawyers from the ACLU to see if I would "freak out" and Boy Howdy did I. Believed I saw the ghost of Marvin Gaye or at least had a intense conversation with the guy.

    Betcha did not know ACLU lawyers are sluts. All of them. Good news none of them were transplants so no Texans of Californian twitfarts. Plus, I would never waste good drugs with F A T people

    Anyway, did come with some consequences like I think I permanently fucked up my vision and some ataxia issues. Most likely my corpus callosum is fried. I'm not at all concerned not going to live forever.

    Planning on doing more drugs @Kristy Mas time
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