From the other thread on the ZZ Top videos I just stumbled on the $4 million video for Estranged by GNR and saw it (I think) for the first time 30 years after the event.

What an absolute crock of putrid shit.

I obviously know the song, never disliked it but to me it was all just part of the flab on the 2 double albums that should have been 1 amazing album or 1 really good double album.

The video though what the fuck were they thinking? I hope some of those millions were fake accountancy and at least went up someones nose.

Longtime Axl Rose friend and former MTV VJ, Riki Rachtman, told Behind The Music, “For me, the biggest change in Guns N’ Roses was the video when Axl decided he needed an aircraft carrier, and he was gonna jump [off] and swim with dolphins. That was the moment when I said, you know what? That’s not so street.

The only thing I can compare it to is when KLF set fire to a million in cash in a fire but it's not even a fair comparison because although that was almost certainly crazy bullshit on some level it is maybe art in a way that we (and they) can't quite express. Paying millions for Slash to float up Sunset or Axl to pretend to talk to dolphins just isn't.