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Thread: Rush '2112' Tour - New 4K Concert Footage

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    Rush '2112' Tour - New 4K Concert Footage

    Watch Rush Dominate on '2112' Tour With New 4K Concert Footage

    Rush's status as an indomitable live act is common knowledge among rock fans, and they can witness
    the power trio at the peak of its powers in newly restored concert footage from 1976's 2112 tour.

    You can see the footage, captured on June 18, 1976, at Ontario's Oshawa Civic Auditorium, below.

    The video comes courtesy of Speedy's Films, the YouTube channel paying tribute to late photographer
    and videographer Jim "Speedy" Kelly. Previous concert restorations include Pink Floyd in 1975, Alice
    Cooper in 1973 and Van Halen in 1978.

    Full story at:

    More clips at Speedy YT channel:
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