The Diamond David Lee Roth Army! Insult Sammy Hagar... he deserves it.

The world according to Diamond Dave delivered in an over-the-top, sensational, technicolor display of words and world wisdom that transcends just mere understanding but is a way of life. Refresh for another or view our complete list here.
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The Diamond David Lee Roth Army. The most popular and comprehensive David Lee Roth Site on the internet.

Rock and roll needs a hero - not a red rocked tampon! Ladies and gentleman, freaks with flippers and tissue box double dippers - I give you the mighty Diamond David Lee Roth Army. Join our lubricated leper colony for a sloppy dose of music, entertainment and pop culture madness Roth style. Sign up, log in and cream your flaps daily -because you can't get this stuff anywhere but here! And put down that sheep...Sam may need it later.


mp3 downloads are no longer available due to a complaint by Warner Bros. records on March 1, 2007.

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