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  1. Home Sweet Home !!!!
  2. Everyone has their own Journal they can post to!
  3. Roth/Hagar/Van Halen/Eddie
  4. Fuck Yeah !!
  5. Spammy, In or Out ?
  6. Who went to Daves New Years Eve Show ?
  7. this kicks ass
  8. Monster Elephant Cocks
  9. Reveal your DDLR and VHLinks aliases
  10. When will Van Halen give us all something to talk about?
  11. hitchWORLD© Exclusive®: TRUE STORY: hitchWORLD© representin' at the NEW ROTH ARMY™!!!
  12. daves new look
  13. What DLR should do!
  14. Van Hagar isnt so bad.
  15. Has Dave engineered music
  16. Roth's Romper Room
  17. Dave is getting slow
  18. So why did Dave drop the Lawsuit ?
  19. Bob Rock...workin'wit'Dave Now with VH?
  20. DLR Live
  21. Van Halen: The Early Years DVD
  22. What would be your reaction if........
  23. DLR on tour last June
  24. Will the DLR ARMY Site ruin Von's Diamond Dave site?
  25. DLR interview from last Sept
  26. dlr in tahoe
  27. Howdy!
  28. a question for all
  29. Anyone in Europe?
  30. Ever Notice how Sammy Hagar and Bette Midler are very similar?
  31. How many times has DLR been arrested
  32. Please! Sarge needs your help!
  33. To Be owner of Peavey..
  34. More Fucked up Spammy News
  35. DLR Quotes
  36. Fuck the brothers!
  37. If Sammy Work Ethic Is So Bad>> Where Fucking Ed's Work Ethic
  38. classic question someone asked me
  39. How long will Van Hagar last?
  40. Sorry to SFG(re:-Von's)
  41. Super Bowl Half Time Show
  42. Damn I love this place!!!!!!!!!!!!
  43. Hello
  44. Oh NOOOOOO The Red Fat Ass returns!!!!!!!!!!!!
  45. Dave Sprays JD on fans...Sammy sprays Tequila?
  46. DAVID LEE ROTH To Get His Own Vegas Show
  47. New UK Tour Dates
  48. Rothism help
  49. if david lee roth went to oxford...
  50. Florida Dates
  51. VHND For Sale
  52. hitch1969© was HUUUUUGE, man!!
  53. An Email I got From Some Pro Sammy Fan Today
  54. Is it me or Dave used to be Tan 1983-1988?
  55. Dave In Reverse!! (History repeats itself!!)
  56. 1986: What you think of this
  57. Dlr Army Seekin' The Hot For Teacher Video Gal ! Update
  58. Dlr's Voice For Reggae
  59. What are the chances of......
  60. VH Early Years Dvd
  61. VAN HALEN Bassist To Make Appearance At NAMM
  62. Dave Resurrected 1991 Alae Jacket Proof Here !!!!!
  63. New Eddie Interview
  64. Sam in and Mike out?
  65. The Pleasure Dome reopens
  66. Sammy Calderone NEW VIDEO
  67. No VH reunion announcement at Hagar gig
  68. 20 Years Ago = 1984,lets Add Some 1984 To The Setlist
  69. Van Halen petion
  70. why all the fuss over cover tunes?
  71. Dave Discusses Why Michael Anthonyplayed tunes with Sammy and not him
  72. What Jump is about in Dave's own words
  73. Good quote about Sammy From Dave
  74. Finally finished the Rothism page..
  75. Daves PA Rental--New Mod here in Main
  76. Sammy Hagar is officially BACK!
  77. The more memorable LIES/Quotes from the Van Halen Camp!
  78. When Dave Started to throw JD on Mean Streets?
  79. Dave sounds real cool since 99 and THIS IS THE BEST BAND
  80. How much TK! charged Dave Monthly?
  81. So Eddie has NEVER been Mad at Sammy? Read on!
  82. New Eddie Van Halen Interview
  83. David Lee Roth in The Press
  84. If Eddie has not seen Mike in 2 years,how can VH play the Super Bowl?
  85. Diamond Dave album
  86. Vh Links Birthday Greeting
  87. Dave should make This Site his Official Site!
  88. Eddie Van Heineken interview transcript
  89. How Long Will Van Hagar Last?
  90. Interview with Spammy Hagar circa 1998
  91. David Lee Roth spam fighter LOL!
  92. Are ya dying for a Van Halen Fix?
  93. Guess who?
  94. Look At All The People Here Tonight!!!
  95. Has Eddie Been Drinking?
  96. Exclusive! Meet Ed's dog!
  97. Eddie Seen At Wolfie's Football Practice!!!
  98. Van Liar
  99. Ed sez "I'm sober, I feel like a f***ing boy scout"
  100. VH Singers shill pills (VH1)
  101. Van Halen's all done
  102. wake up you all !!
  103. E.u.a.s
  104. Goin'Crazy :Brian Young ?
  105. Some guy came into my house the other day and talked down on Dave's name.
  106. Cool DLR related X-mas story
  107. sammy hagar lives in a house shaped like a dick
  108. Ed said "Sooner than later"...
  109. When you do a search for a little aint enough.. something weird happens
  110. BLABBERMOUSE: Ed and Wolfie ready to hit the road together in 2004
  111. EDDIE & ALEX Say " Were Ready For The Superbowl"
  112. Diamond Dave shines on!
  113. Roth going back to Las Vegas
  114. Sniff A CUNT™??
  115. A few of my favotire Dave quotes
  116. why do u all u PRIX have to keep saying the C word ?
  117. Grand Prix !!!
  118. Who actually thinks that this Sammy reunion rumor is true?
  119. Who really cares if this Sammy reunion rumor is true?
  120. Van Halen To Bowl Into The Superbowl?
  121. I dreamed bout AVH
  122. Who is the better classic band, Led Zeppelin or Van Halen?
  123. Does anyone remember Sam wearing Capri pants and sandals when he was on tour with DLR
  124. Well I just listened to DLR Band for the first time in 2 years
  125. Full Bong® is a stoned, RETARDED, Fuck Up
  126. Eeas Reunion
  127. Las Vegas brings good Luck to DLR!
  128. Panama Video Question....
  129. Dlr Fallin' On Stage
  130. 1984 was the worst Classic VH album ever
  131. Van Halen : the last great rock & roll band
  132. Dave on Film...
  134. Spell Check is finally here
  135. How did Edward got Sambo on audition in 1985?
  136. Meet Eddie Van Heineken's pets
  137. Photographer Helmut Newton Killed in Crash
  138. van halen porno movie!
  139. Crazy From The Heat : the classic rock movie that was never made
  140. Sammy endorses a motorbike
  141. Ed found new hobby in crafting custom ship in bottles
  142. Reunion Tour Backstage Pass Revealed!!!
  143. Diamond Mafia.... LIVE AND UNCUT!!!
  144. Why I don't like HAGAR
  145. Sammy Hagar Cabo San Lucas Beach Pic Yesterday !!!!!!!!
  146. Sammy Hagar Cabo San Lucas Beach Pic Yesterday !!!!!!!!
  147. Alex Van Halen Latest Pic !!!
  148. Birthday Boy !!!
  149. Sammy Hagar Promo Pic for 2004
  150. "Diamond Dave" sales
  151. sign this
  152. Bart Walsh interview
  153. I got bored,so i made my own BBQ
  154. Ed's interview: "Hey man, whadd'ya think I have been doing in the past five years?"
  155. Wolfie
  156. Sammy Hagar Suffers Serious Illness
  157. Sonrisa Salvaje
  158. Classic quotes
  159. Classic VH covering Kinks
  160. Dave Played Osaka Japan Last Nite...
  161. Van Spam Returns........
  163. van halen is not dead 04 is their year
  164. Has anyone heard talk of a Van Hagar reunion on the radio?
  165. Hyundai Commercial
  166. Best Guitarist for DAVE?
  167. 1984 : the last great classic rock album
  168. David Lee Roth : solo artist
  169. DLR in VIRGINIA & FL soon......
  170. Most Record Sales
  171. David Lee Roth VH1 Classic special
  172. Roth / Hagar Picture
  173. What happened to Dave??
  174. Why the hell doesn't Hagar get bald?
  175. Its makes me laugh
  176. Yeah 1,000 members
  177. Who is David Lee Roth ?
  178. Latest Sammy pic
  179. Van Friends
  180. Concert in Europe
  181. I TOLD YOU SO!! I TOLD YOU SO!!! Van Hagar™ IS BACK!!! I TOLD YOU SO!!!
  182. What I dislike about the DLR Army.
  183. Best Of Volume 2 Question !!!!!
  184. What the Knuckleboner Dislikes About the DLR Army
  185. Both DLR and Sammy should reunite in VH
  186. well, fuck me to hell
  187. Dave's Funny Face!
  188. Get VH back together? Here's how!
  189. Dave..looks like KC and The Sunshine Band in this review
  190. If you Fuck with Wayne L., you FUCK with hitchWORLD©
  191. Diamond Dave Vegas Technicolor Sensational Fookin' Spectacular
  192. VH Links
  193. van halen not dead but very very alive
  194. where has sarge been
  195. Billy Sheehan Update..
  196. What i dislike about people dislikeing the army
  197. Another Sammy pic
  198. Selfish prick
  199. vanhagar
  200. without roth or sammy?
  201. DLR 2004 Tour
  202. BOV1 and etc
  203. BOVII Will Dave be on it ?
  204. Could Edward have made it big without Dave?
  205. Holy Muthafucjin Shit The Scream Is Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  206. Michael Anthony, "the other guy"
  207. Roth's new haircut
  208. David Lee Roth
  209. DLR canceled date due to illness...
  210. david lee roth fan
  211. How bout this set list my friends?
  212. DLR'S Beacon Theatre Show
  213. Why Wasn't the DLR No Holds barbecue ever release?
  214. Looking For Animal a.k.a. Harvey
  215. deflated
  216. Dave's Career Resume"
  217. Dave Cover Tune
  218. David Lee Roth CARLING APOLLO HAMMERSMITH, LONDON Sat 28/02/04
  219. Singer supports real Van Halen
  220. How David Lee Roth ruined my relationships with men
  221. DLR news article....
  222. DUBLIN....March 3rd show!!!
  223. Match made in Heaven...LOL
  224. David Lee Roth is a man on a mission
  225. Extravaganza Las Vegas???? Vids or...
  226. Thank You!
  227. Which era do you hear most on the radio?
  228. Dave Unreleased Songs
  229. So here was the set list we went with:
  230. What's Dave's latest setlist for his 2004 tour?
  231. DLR VH Reunion History
  232. Van Schmagar
  233. Your Filthy Little Mouth...about retirement?
  234. Check it out...
  235. Sammy motherfucking Hagar is the Red Rockingest, Cabo Waboin', Not Drivin 55 singer..
  236. Dave back in Van Halen ??
  237. I'm bringing back my Classic VH website
  238. Johnny Cash tuns in grave
  239. I just watched the 3 Oakland '81 videos....
  240. I'd like to shoot Sammy Hagar
  241. combining Roth's campiness
  242. James Lomenzo
  243. MORE PROOF EEAS REUNION is our only hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  244. Video of A Little ain't Enough?
  245. DLR comes to the UK next week!!
  246. Hot for Teacher,Live Japan JAN 30 2004
  247. 2004 Interview Clip Video Is Up
  248. And we wonder why Van Halen broke up
  249. Leaving Van Halen
  250. An album review from an Amazon customer