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  1. Which is the Best Classic VH Album
  2. Ultimate Classic VH Tune
  3. When You Saw Dave~~
  4. Use this forum to converse about your favorite lyric or album.
  5. Favorite DLR solo album
  6. Welcome Sweet Irony to the mod team~
  7. Best/worst VH/DLR album cover?
  8. Welcome TMR To VH/DLR Songs And Albums
  9. Favorite song from Diamond Dave cd
  10. What are the three most underrated rock classics during DLR era VH?
  11. Best Of Volume 2-what would be on it?
  12. The BEST RECORD in Dave's Career??
  13. "Classic" VH Tune You Could Sit In On
  14. Sarge Ranks the DLR Albums.. from top to bottom..
  15. Worst Dave song
  16. Which =VH= song do you love hearing live?
  17. Average Dave song
  18. Thug Pop
  19. The Heaviest Van Halen Compilation
  20. Black Sand ...
  21. DLR's best song of the 90's....
  22. Favorite song off of Eat'em & Smile?
  23. Favorite song off of Skyscraper?
  24. Favorite song off of A Little Ain't Enough?
  25. Favorite song off of Your Filthy Little Mouth?
  26. Favorite song off of DLR BAND?
  27. Favorite song off of Crazy From The Heat?
  28. Looking for MP3 of "Seriously Affected"
  29. big bad bill
  30. Would they EVer remaster Dave solo albums?
  31. Thug Pop...
  32. Hang Em' High Vs. Last Night
  33. What's your favorite bootleg or demo track?
  34. Van Halen Gold Disc or Van Halen remasterd album
  35. Dreams vs. Bottoms up
  36. A scientific study
  37. Best EVH guitar solo!!!
  38. Steve Vai doing Eruption
  39. The song Relentless
  40. Midgets
  41. Diver Down is the quintessential DLR album
  42. What is your favorite DLR cd and song
  43. Your choice of Dave songs.
  44. Van Halen /Van Halen : 3 Favorite Tracks
  45. Van Halen/Van Halen II : 3 Favorite Tracks
  46. Van Halen/Women & Children First : 3 Favorite Tracks
  47. Van Halen/Fair Warning : 3 Favorite Tracks
  48. Van Halen/Diver Down : 3 Favorite Tracks
  49. Van Halen/1984 : 3 Favorite Tracks
  50. 3 favorite tracks...
  51. Doyou think 1984 would have been as popular without MTV?
  52. Eruption vs Blue Powder
  53. DLR Band
  54. Why I'm not a fan of Jump.
  55. DLR album sales
  56. Rank all six Van Halen albums: Best to Least
  57. Drop In The Bucket
  58. Where is Dave going to take his music?
  59. Dave's best song?
  60. Favourite Van Halen riffs
  61. Hot for Teacher lyric
  62. DLR's hair loss ruined Skyscraper
  63. Least favorite David Lee Roth song.
  64. Feel Your Love Tonight....hmmmm
  65. "I'm The One".....
  66. Bill you are so right.
  67. Women And Children First Vinyl!
  68. Me Wise Magic/cant Get This Stuff No More
  69. The Top Jimmy rumor
  70. Am I A Jackass
  71. Guess Dave's fave own songs
  72. Just bought 'Diamond Dave'
  73. Songs to strip to
  74. So This is Love?
  75. DLR The Best....OOP?!
  76. Edited/Alternative Versions
  77. BIG trouble!!!!!
  78. DAVE - Mix disc
  79. Dlr Band
  80. Just like paradise video
  81. Millions more records sold
  82. Ice Cream Man!
  83. YOUR Van Halen show...
  84. Wedding songs
  85. Diver Down
  86. "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" or "Unchained"?
  87. Ok check this out
  88. Most underrated Dave song/video
  89. DLR Albums
  90. Which Classic VH Album is the best and why?
  91. Favorite solo Dave album and song
  92. Dave's 3 Greatest Solo Songs
  93. VH Song With The Most Air Play
  94. Does your copy of Van Halen BOV 1 have the fucked up mix of RWTD??
  95. "Damn Good" video
  96. top ten roth era songs?
  97. thanks
  98. Favorite line in a DLR/VH song?
  99. Van Halen Album sales stats
  100. Best Dlr /vh Song Which Has Gotten You To The Grassy Knoll
  101. imagine......
  102. top 3 dlr spoken word lines in a song
  103. And The Cradle Will Rock...
  104. Skyscraper Your Take
  105. "Push comes to shove" : Worst classic VH track?
  106. Rank all Classic VH albums and name the 2 best songs
  107. Best Van Halen Cover Tune
  108. Which is better: CGTSNM or MWM?
  109. OU812 vs Skyskraper
  110. Your Filthy Little Mouth
  111. The Best Van Halen Tune Ever
  112. Damn Good Your Take
  113. Two Songs I hate
  114. Who's That Babe With The Fabulous Shadow?
  115. Mistakes, deliberate and otherwise in the classic six !
  116. It's Showtime!
  117. im so glad?
  118. "She's My Machine" video
  119. Do you think that Unchained or Romeo Delight are the greatest songs ever?
  120. "Jump"
  121. Take Your Whiskey Home...
  122. Double question
  123. D.o.a.
  124. DLR Band CD, Crazy from the Heat EP
  125. Dance The Night Away
  126. "Me wise magic"
  127. Fair Warning On Vinyl
  128. Least Fave Song Off Each Album From The 6 Pack..
  129. Your'e No Good
  130. "In a Simple Rhyme"
  131. 78:40 of Bliss
  132. under rated song: Little Dreamer
  133. Who is the song Top Jimmy about?
  134. Best VH Songs On Vinyl...
  135. Little Dreamer Your Take
  136. "Little Guitars": Your Take
  137. DLR's cover of "Tin Cup Chalice": your take
  138. Outta Love Again
  139. DLR Band CD Review
  140. Come on on on on on baby!
  141. Open your eyes, baby! Don't look behind!
  142. Does Dave Still Have the Scream?
  143. Second Hand records
  144. Fav. Roth Solo Album and Song
  145. light up the sky/hot for teacher
  146. Panama
  147. Does anyone know about the album "one"?
  148. Pat Boone's Panama
  149. Lil' aint enough written by Vai?
  150. Best Vh Song To Get High To/ If It Were Legal
  151. "Ladie's Night in Buffalo": your take (meaning and greatness)
  152. cover bands
  153. Why did I pick Van Halen?????
  154. The Best of Dave's Voice
  155. Me Wise Magic and Can't Get This Stuff No More......
  156. Best of VH DVD
  157. Sunburn Vs. Ladies Night In Buffalo
  158. Hina Vs. Drop In The Bucket
  159. Going Places... Vs. Damn Good
  160. Slam Dunk! Vs. Bump N' Grind
  161. Van Halen heavyweights... who pins who?
  162. Least Fav VH Songs
  163. Review of Women and Children First
  164. What is the best selling Van Halen Album
  165. Diamond Dave CD Promo Page
  166. Light Up The Sky?
  167. Demos that should've made the cut
  168. Demos that should've made the cut
  169. most heard Vh album this past weekend
  170. unheard songs
  171. The Full Bug
  172. "Sensible Shoes" and "Tell the Truth" videos
  173. Mikey on Fair Warning
  174. Best and worst VH CDs
  175. What if Van Hagar tunes were Dave's?
  176. Angel Eyes
  177. The Full Bug!
  178. Panama or Atomic Punk
  179. DOA or Dance The Night Away
  180. Everybody Wants Some or Unchained
  181. Yankee Rose or She's My Machine
  182. Which Dave solo releases top CVH?
  183. 1st time you ever heard VH
  184. So This Is Love?
  185. Best VH "Ballad"
  186. Hang 'Em High: What's your take?
  187. more roth out of print
  188. Great GHII review on Amazon
  189. The 3000th "Diamond dave" thread
  190. top ten dave/vh songs
  191. Van Halen
  192. My new "Best of the Best" CD
  193. Bad Habits on Diamond Dave
  194. Ice Cream Man on Diamond Dave - better than the original?
  195. Full Bug vs. Romeo Delight
  196. DLR Band- "Black Sand": what do you think of this song?
  197. Can i Have a review of Skyscraper?
  198. Analyzing "Don't Piss Me Off"!!
  199. What three songs that were left off The Best
  200. Coconut Grove is awesome!!!!
  201. what happened to Pete Picasso???
  202. Anyone heard Tin Cup?
  203. what dave era VH tune are you most tired of?
  204. Skyscraper Outakes / Dif Mixes
  205. Can't get this stuff: Did DLR Know?
  206. Your fave VH cover?
  207. Hot Women in DLR Videos
  208. Love Time
  209. What is your favorite Classic Van Halen Album?
  210. Most innovative thing ever done with an electric guitar
  211. Secrets (remix) on 45 rpm single ?
  212. a little aint enough
  213. ringtones?
  214. EVH playing Eruption/316 video clip
  215. Yflm Tour Questions
  216. what song was shelved for dancin in the street?
  217. the violin cover of VanHalen's 'Eruption'....
  218. why were ALAE and YFLY deleted?
  219. cvh album covers
  220. Sinner's Swing!
  221. van halen opener
  222. Who says "out of luck" in D.O.A.?
  223. Panama Performed on Heavy Metal Album
  224. AUTOGRAPHED Eat Um and Smile
  225. Me Wise Magic lyrics
  226. What's the deal with RWTD?
  227. What DLR Song
  228. Finally, RESPECT! ALAE available on ITunes
  229. Well I heard the news baby.
  230. Bottom's Up and the La Grange Connection!!
  231. Diver Down question
  232. David Lee Roth's First LP, Eat Em', & Skyscraper are his best!
  233. BOVH Vol. 1 (Clearly two different bands)
  234. Watta hell was up with Dave in DLR Band?
  235. Diver Down
  236. cruel obsession/kill the guy
  237. Diver Down Remastered CD
  238. DLR Band album as vehicle for reunion?
  239. "Beautiful Girls" question
  240. Album Description
  241. Fair Warning revisited
  242. Album Description
  243. Little Guitars?
  244. Whats Daves fav VH album?
  245. Diver Down/1984 Combined
  246. Best Lyrical Album?
  247. Van Halen and David Lee Roth Feature On New Headbangers Bible Compilation
  248. FYLT vs ATCWR
  249. Review of Van Halen Albums
  250. Would Ladies Night In Buffalo