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  1. Can I Count On the Roth Army to Help Me?

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    Love the tattoo don don!!
    Momshell, love your ink as well. I went with black and red stripes, but it doesn't show up very well in my profile pic. Anyway, thanks for the kinds words. We need to start a Van Halen convention like KISS has done several times. Think we'd get any support?

    Don don
  2. How far will you travel to see the 2012 VH tour?

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    So far I just logged 2,120 miles - Lauderdale to Louisville. I plan on hitting the 4 florida shows in April and New Orleans, June 26.. If I can squeeze another one in somewhere I will. I'm sure I'll log over 5,000 miles in 2012.
    VAiN, Good to meet you last night in the Galt's bar. Very, very good time huh? Can't wait to see 'em again!
  3. New VH album

    The new VH album is awesome. It blows the new Chickenfoot away.
    I really like the song "Beats Workin". Trying to get my band to cover Tattoo but my bassist is being a butthead about it.
    What is your favorite new tune?
  4. It snowed today...

    Ever notice that when it's snowing how quiet the world gets?

    Seems to take all the hustle out of the bustle...
  5. blog confusion

    Do not really know what i am supposed to say here,dont really get blogging.So i think i will use this space to rant about stuff that pisses me off