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  1. Going, going, gone!

    Just sold my Dave autographed guitar. Memoribilia is all gone. All I have left is my memory and my music. By the time the memories fade, I probably won't care anymore!
  2. West Side Bike Path, NYC, 9/15: I'll sleep when I'm married ...

    Fresh from Twitter
    David Lee Roth
  3. Dave Chappelle in Hartford walks off stage, heckled. What happened? (VIDEO)

    I only have three minutes left. And when my three minutes is up, my ass is gone. Im going straight to the bank and doing night deposit. He then walked off stage to Kanye Wests New Slaves.

    via Dave Chappelle in Hartford walks off stage, heckled. What happened? (VIDEO).

    I by no means was as wildly popular as Dave Cappelle, but I wonder if Cappelle is using the type of contract I used in music before I left for good, the Clean Cut Contract.

    A Clean Cut Contract is just what is says it is. All money that is owed is paid at the time of performance or work created.

    Frankly, I did not care who you were I was not getting into a contractual obligation that required money to be owed to me.

    It can be a smart move, but it comes with risk of course. But I think better risk than getting entangled with a corporate powerhouse.

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  4. Ha Ha!

    You'd think I was drinking tonight...I wish I was!
  5. Fucking Unbelievable

    It amazes me how so many Van Halen fans can be such miserable hateful assholes!