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  1. Dlr

    dave is the best song writter ever hes weerd but cool
  2. Strategy! -Syria Edition ~`~

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    Blue is land . Brown is sea.


    For Thomas:
    The rush of water, to the point of tossing rock about. This is Shih
    The strike of a hawk, at the killing snap. This is the node.
    Shih is like drawing the crossbow.
    The node is like pulling the trigger.
    From Chapter 5

    We are spontaneous like the node, planned of the moment.

    The effort placed in the crosshairs of the crossbow is considerable.
    The moment of implementation is spontaneous.
    Impulsiveness is planned of the disciplined.
    2 Samuel 13
  3. Obama scores all important endorsement, says Romney is "a good man"

    by , 08-01-2012 at 02:03 AM (The Journey Back to Oxygen.)
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    That be Voter Pilates and require papers before entering the voter booth. Ron is probably of the Darker races....and therefore in Arizona be prevented from practicing his right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Limberness.
  4. cool sleeping bag

  5. Dave Speaks Out in his own way!!

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    An Open Letter to TJMKID:

    "You got the Blues, not Me, I'm Act One, King of the Hill, The Right Tool for The Job. I Made Up My Mind. Now that I'm back in Van Halen, to Stay While The Night is Young. She's My Machine!

    I used to Bump & Grind, but some people think I'm doin' the Dogtown Shuffle with Sensible Shoes. Every night is no Weekend with The Babysitter, but That's Life! When you're great, you're Tight, You're Breathin It; Shoo Bop!!

    We're older emotionally and physically. To Tell The Truth, If 6 was 9, that would be 99 and 40 Below that is Al's age. Hey, I'm Easy, I'm no Drop in the Bucket!

    Wolfie's gaining Experience, but he's a Shyboy and loves a Hot Dog & and a Shake and drinks Thug Pop like it was Medicine Man! A Lil' Ain't Enough obviously but Eat Em and Smile, I says, Let it All Hang Out!

    But he's totally in the Soul Kitchen cos when It's Showtime, he'll Stand Up to his family name and Counter Blast the Bottom Line like a Hammerhead Shark.

    That Baby's On Fire, that stealth bass in Perfect Timing. His Elephant Gun is Damn Good, especially on That Beatles Tune (Beats Workin') on our new Big Train album.

    A while ago, we were in some Cheatin' Heart Cafe, enjoying some Nightlife. Let's face it, he'll never be a male stripper at "Ladie's Night in Buffalo" and I'm still Just A Gigolo and I see this chick
    and She's Looking Good, skin color of Black Sand and I says; "Hey Hot Stuff, Lose the Dress, Keep The Shoes"!!

    Under a Black Light, Two Fools A Minute are Goin' Crazy, sending over drinks and yelling "Hey Wolfie, Shoot It, it's Last Call, Hey, You Never Know with A Little Luck, you might meet Lady Luck. (Or perhaps get some leg tonight for sure!).

    Well, Van Heineken or not, it wasn't a Slam Dunk, but they were Relentless, Indeedido.

    See, Wolfie didn't go down Tobacco