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  1. This Fuckin' Kid

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    Anyways how much longer the Hagar/Bertinelli fag dance will go on is hard to say. Even Mike was making soft jabs at Hagar in a recent interview. He seems a bit worn down by all of Sammyís product promotion and luxury lifestyle.
  2. Sam Just Wonít Stop

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    And now it sounds like Sam is taking credit for the joint tour of '02
    If I were Dave I would stay clear of this clown. Alex is doing the right thing by staying away.
    Al is either really pissed or laughing his ass off.
  3. Sam Just Wonít Stop

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    It's just a shame that no one in the Van Halen clan could do a damn thing to recognize/memorialize/etc the passing of Ed or celebrate the man's contributions to rock music. I guess Wolfgang's 2 song performance at the Hawkins Tribute was something... but it wasn't intended to be about Ed.

    I do give credit to Sam and Mike for doing something for Eddie that the whole damn music industry lacks the balls to do... including David Lee Roth. It's becoming apparent Dave doesn't have the ability to contribute to any of this. Please don't counter that Dave's above it all... that's bullshit. His best productive output is craft time finger painting and directing his media person to post to social media...
    I never liked this whole idea of doing a ďtributeĒ to a dead band member. Itís a very Hagar businessman thing to do but itís not an art-centric, Classic VH thing to do. Theyíre profiting off the death of their band mate. Itís not classy and humble at all despite how many times Sam talks about how cool he is. And of course itís never as good as it once was. Sam doesnít seem to get that heís beating the VH image into the ground by doing this shit, not elevating it.
    More like Sammy is looking like a huge dork. Ed is probably up there laughing his ass off.
  4. ADKOT no longer in Spotify?

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    That dumb fat fuck Trunk failing to realize everyone in the band is a "person commonly be known by three initials?"

    I hope Dave doesn't not like the album though. The Tokyo thing I would maybe understand more.
    I think its total BS saying Dave doesn't like the ADKOT album.

    Sure we all know he would've preferred Mike on it which is why he didn't want Wolf and Ed to record background vox. But that doesn't mean he wants it now pulled from streaming.
    Itís BS. Dave wouldnít continue in a project he didnít like. I remember Dave taking about a Different Kind of Truth and proudly saying he wrote some of the lyrics while riding on the fire engine as an EMT. I think thatís where Chinatown comes from. Look at the album cover. Thatís all Dave.

    Wolfgang is just being an ass. He HATES VH fans and it shows. Oh well, the fat fuck clearly isnít happy even with his bandís success. The guy goes into his depressive mode and shits on VH fans on social media. He was a daddyís boy and dad is gone. For some reason he hates us and the Van Halen legacy. Wolf is heading for a heart attack. Maybe someone with more sense will do more with the legacy once Wolf is out of the picture. Alexís son seems like a fun guy. I heard good things. Heís a runner. Heís about as opposite as Wolf as you can get.
  5. MA Reveals When He First 'Came To The Conclusion' That DLR Was 'Bipolar'

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    Rammstein has had the same 6 members for what, 20 something years at least? Extremely rare not to have replaced at least one member.

    Van Halen had 6 great albums. I'd like to think had Dave stayed, they'd have had at least 10. Some will argue the 4 with Clichegar are also great, so they do have 10 great albums under the Van Halen name. As a whole, I don't think the Van Hagar albums have stood the test of time nearly as well as the Van Halen albums. My girlfriend is a Dave era fan. But she's more of a fan of the more popular tunes. When we are cruising in the dune buggy and I have the playlist on the 6 pack, she will hear a song she's never heard or rarely heard and every time will go "Wow, that's another great song." Really, the only song I skip in the whole playlist, is "Jump". I didn't like it the first time I ever heard it, and I still don't like it. I can close my eyes and go back to the first time it was played on the radio. I was so disappointed. My buddies razzed the shit out of me too. But then, the rest of the album came out. Wow. To come out with an album like that, and then break up the band after the tour. A fucking travesty. It's just a shame the way it all played out. I have to believe they all have their regrets. I believe even Ed had regrets. They did so much between 78 and 84, and so little between 2007 and 2015 new music wise. I don't think Ed ever believed the sands of time were running out. Then boom. They did. Quickly.

    Man, I'm still devastated over the break up after 1984. I'm still devastated Ed is gone.
    Roth is a clever lyric writer. He doesnít get enough credit for it. Roth made VH more interesting.