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  • The Diamond David Lee Roth Army

    Nobody rules these streets at night but us! Join our growing legion of fans dedicated to honoring the Commander in Chief of  Rock n' Roll - David Lee Roth.
  • Website Purpose

    by Published on 01-03-2012 10:26 PM     Number of Views: 3042 
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    The Diamond David Lee Roth Army. Website Established 1/13/99

    Site Purpose:
    Why are we doing this website?!

    What is this site about? Why do we bring you the mayhem known as the David Lee Roth Army? We could just say itís because we are Roth fans. Of course thatís part of it. We could say itís because we had time on our hands, and it was better than starting a Celine Dion web page. Also true. We could say it was a good way to meet other Roth maniacs like ourselves. Again...true. All of these reasons are part of it, but it goes much deeper than anything Iíve mentioned.

    As most of us know, the Internet has played an important part of being a fan of Classic Van Halen and David Lee Roth fan over the past 5 to 10 years. Unfortunately, before 1999, if you searched the web for a site dedicated to not only David Lee Roth, but to the attitude that the Diamond One brings to everything he does, you couldnít find it. You could find pockets here and there. Unfortunately, being a Roth fan meant drowning in the eternal bullshit known as Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone. Enter the David Lee Roth Army.

    On January 31, 1999, the David Lee Roth Army was created to answer the call of David Lee Roth fans. First and foremost, we created this site to promote David Lee Roth, Classic Van Halen and all that pertain to the two. But you see, itís just not that simple. When we surfed the web, we wanted to attract the crazy bastards and bitches that form the core of that attitude that Roth and classic VH brought to Rock and Roll and hell...to life.

    Weíre some wacked-ass fanatics that quite simply caught the vibe of Classic Van Halen and David Lee Roth. Itís partly about the music. That raw-edged, in-your-face music that started in the backyards of Los Angeles in 1974 , and is currently rockiní across the US in the form of the David Lee Roth Band. You remember the music. That raw music that made you drive a little faster, fuck a little harder and scream a little louder. The music that you not only feel in your soul, but helped shape it.

    Itís partly about the attitude that the music brings. The attitude that David Lee Roth brings every night. The attitude that we see spewed out of a Jack bottle at every tour stop. That ďLook at all the people here tonightĒ attitude that Roth arguable created. The attitude that isnít just words on paper. Hell, Dave was too drunk to remember the words anyways.
    We didnít go see classic Van Halen because of the words he was singing, but the energy he was bringing. Thatís what the army is about. Itís all about being the sounding board for all David Lee Roth fans.
    This is the site dedicated not only to David Lee Roth, but to all the fans that have been throwing TV sets out of their hotel rooms since 1974. This site is for all the fans that buy M & Mís during your lunch breaks and take out all the brown ones for fun. This site is for those of you that spew Jack on your girlfriend (or boyfriend) every time you hear a Roth on the radio. This site is for all of you that put on your leather ass-pants on when you turn on your computers. In other words, we go a step further than all the other Roth and VH sites. This site is for the music and for the attitude. Without that, you just canít have a Roth site that the real fans will give a ratís ass about. But the real reason we are here...the main reason that the powers that be brought you this site is this:


    We sure as hell arenít doing it for the money, because this site loses more money than a 350 pound, toothless hooker. We arenít doing it to meet chicks. We arenít doing it for hidden bootlegs. We arenít doing it to even meet David Lee Roth. We arenít doing it to cater to anyone...except the fans that have bled with us since the beginning. Whether your beginning was while you were wearing your bell-bottoms and butterfly-collars outside of the Whiskey in 1975, or picking that pimple off your ass in 1999 when Slam Dunk came on the radio...it doesnít matter. We, unlike some of the kiss-asses we have met online are not motivated by greed...whether it be backstage passes, or blow-jobs from Daveís 70ís groupies. We could care less about kissing up to ANYONE to receive backstage passes (note: this is added because we have witnessed some god awful asskissing over the years...and if you think this pertains to you...it DOES. If you donít like it....FUCK YOU).

    <---Start Self promotional blurb--->
    What we have created here is one of the largest and most comprehensive Rock Websites on the internet. We have been mentioned on VH1 twice, MTV twice, and a slew of other printed rock magazines and Websites across the internet. Our interviews have been featured and reprinted in such online publications such as Knac.com, among others. Quite simply...if you want the latest news...the hottest interviews...and literally days of Roth information...come to the Army. Weíre the best at what we do.
    <---End Self Promotional blurb--->

    If you are a true fan of David Lee Roth from the Mammoth days of Van Halen to the creative days of Roth solo, this is your site. Bring your attitude, your knowledge, your Jack Daniels and your assless chaps and enjoy what David Lee Roth is all about right here at the David Lee Roth Army.

    To contact our staff click here.

    The Crazy Ass Mo'Fos who run this website.

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