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Do not really know what i am supposed to say here,dont really get blogging.So i think i will use this space to rant about stuff that pisses me off
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    Ok here we go.TV pisses me off.I pay my licence every year yet there is jack shit i want to watch.So i am left with my ass at my computer finding virtual people to talk to.Wonder if that argument would fly with em.Although i am sure i would have to pay some shit to them for owning a computer

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    GOD i am sure my kid has fucking insomnia or something
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    A moments peace,could she have drifted off perhaps?,I doubt it but I am going to grab this chance at sleep with both hands.Fuck this is starting to get tough

    Goodnight all
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    Love this song,some nice lyrics here

    Oh starry eyes
    Oh, oh [repeat]
    Standing alone in the light
    You could see her cry
    With a smile and a wink
    And a sparkle in her eyes
    She calmly sighed, I will be all right
    Okay child you've had to take the pain
    Of a man in the streets
    You gotta let me in
    Needed a friend
    Even just for one night

    So now i am 2 days with 4 hours sleep between them.Been sat listening to Motley Crue,Keep me cool and all.God i love those guys.Ugh,Kids,who would have em