The Journey Back to Oxygen.

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You ever try and provide a bit of fun for those around you and it then becomes all about them?

I mean it is: And it isn't. Fun is supposed to be a shared experience. Fun all by yourself is rote......sharing the fun is more creative. But as they catch you in your tricks and your lies...they become overwhelmed by the experience and take it out on you. The best people I have experienced stick with you and share the fun.

So. When a child has too much fun....we say....sit down. Stop throwing the frisbee and just sit down by momma for a bit. We wipe the snot off their nose....we say "look at the fire".....supper will be soon.

I once made this exquisite broken wine glass for a woman I wanted to experience. I broke it so it was jagged in the perfect way....put a rose in it....photographed it in black and white and did a 6"by 8" glossy. I "obtained" access to her room in her dorm. I laid out a full picnic blanket indoors.

Placed the picnic basket and and the broken wine glass on it with the picture in black and white against it.....put a fresh rose in the glass....and gave her the way to contact me.

It was a beautiful evening. No past. No future. No recriminations. No Anger. Just a fool's paradise.

What happened to those days?

I am sending a message in a bottle.

You just got to laugh.
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  1. fifth element's Avatar
    " The unity of those associated by mere authority, power, or greed is ultimately weak and unstable.
    In contrast, the unity of those united by the heart -
    by bonds of respect, honesty, and compassion -
    is strong and unshakable."
    Taro Gold

    " The Greatest treasure we have is the smile; no one knows what is hidden in it."
    Written in 2011 by Radley R. --- New York