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What If The Bible Is Really True? Parts 1 & 2

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She wants to travel to Rome to do it on the dome.
She is going to call St. Peter, St. Peter
Then he is going to eat 'er
The pope will go ballistic.
When the Eagle lands.
Oh Michael Michael, the poor pope says
Lord have mercy ole Michael is dead.

Then then she is going to the dome.
Lord Lord the papal guards
There with the rapier penetrated.
Into the lung to take the breath away.

Blood on the dome
Lord come home.

Oberst Ordered.
Pull your baton
bludgeon him!
Bludgeon him!

As they drown in the holy see.
It was always meant to be.
There is no nature here.
Mother Mary, Mother Mary.
Oh where was
Oh where was

Come with me, my love.
Let us swim in the deep Holy See
It is our destiny.

To this man she doth honor
To this man she doth honor
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