The Diamond David Lee Roth Army FAQ

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Can I use the "N" Word?

Absolutely not. Do not use the “N” word at ROTH ARMY. We shouldn’t have to tell you stupid asses that. Usage of the “N” word shows lack of class. Let’s make this a place where we are all proud to hang out.

Can I post Cock or Male Gay Pictures?

Fuck no! There is one thing that I can’t stand is someone trying to fuck up the website with pictures of cocks or gay porn. Male nudes, pornographic or merely suggestive gay male pictures will result in a ban. Feel free to post as many pictures of naked women as you want! - Get fucked if you don’t like it - Sarge

What about posting someone's personal information?

Don't even fucking think about it. Have some fucking respect. Do NOT post ANY personal information. This includes name, address, phone numbers and email addresses, as well as pictures of family/friends. This list is not all-inclusive; Use this rule of thumb, if YOU wouldn't want the same information posted about YOU, don't post it for anyone else. This will get you banned, and quickly.

Can I make posts with advertising included?

FUCK NO! If you have intentions on posting with any variations of advertising, you will be permanently banned IMMEDIATELY.

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