Joe Satrioni and Steve Vai Mocked as Soulless Wankers

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  • Nickdfresh

    • Oct 2004
    • 49261

    Joe Satrioni and Steve Vai Mocked as Soulless Wankers

  • nick500
    • Jul 2019
    • 83

    I would say there's some truth to that.
    As good a technician as he is, I never like Vai's solo stuff.

    He should never have quit Dave's band.
    He could have done this crap on the side.
    There was one record, The Ultra Zone, that was particularly tough to listen to.
    There wasn't a memorable melody to a lot of the so-called instrumental tracks.
    It sounds extremely dated today.

    His other record, Passion and Warfare, sounded, for the most part,
    like a series of strenuous guitar exercises.

    At least the Swedish King of wanking and pomposity, Yngwie Malmsteen, actually wrote some good instrumentals,
    like Far Beyond the Sun and Blackstar, which still sound good, overplaying and all.


    • Nitro Express
      • Aug 2004
      • 32809

      I’ve been trolling the Sammy/Joe fans over the current tour. Talk about some tone deaf, lame ass, clueless bastards with a lower IQ than pond scum. Alex is the smart one. He wouldn’t even talk to Sam and sold off his gear as a Fuck You! Message. When Al gets over his grief he can laugh driving his fast Porsche around the track knowing he didn’t give Sammy Hagar the time of day and only lame old fucks went to his shows.
      No! You can't have the keys to the wine cellar!