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  • binnie
    It's certainly a warts and all read. I remember being somewhat dissappointed - when GNR were at the heights of their fame touring the world, Slash spent most of his time trying to score heroin. So many of his memories seem to be about that. 'Landed in city, tried to find dope.......'.

    He also comes across very badly in places. He gets into a relationship with some girl, who subsequently nurses him off dope only for him to realise that he doesn't like her very much and he kicks her to the curb. Classy - the way he puts it is brutal. I suspect that if you actually had to be around them, most rock stars would be assholes.

    But it's certainly worth a read - the stuff about Axl clearly still touches his nerves 20 years later.

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  • DLR Bridge
    Is he a junkie? He always struck me as the stoner/drinker type. I remember him saying he used to sell weed outside of the VH club gigs.

    What's the absolute worst thing he's said about Axl so far? I'm curious as to whether he sugar coated his story or not, in order to leave the proverbial reunion door open the way Duff apparently did.
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  • Hardrock69
    started a topic Slash - The Autobiography

    Slash - The Autobiography

    I am halfway through this book right now.

    The only reason I am going to finish it is that I paid out 5 bucks for it at a used bookstore, and I figure I have gotten up to about 1992 or so. Might as well finish the read.

    Though it is a good chronicle of his life, I realized something while reading it.

    I am not fucking interested in reading the fucking life story of a fucking junkie.

    Fuck that stupid motherfucker. He was a fucking junkie by the time he was 19. Several other idiots in GNR were smackers also. Stupid fucks.

    I don't give a goddamn if he can play guitar or not. He is a fucking loser, junkie motherfucker.

    When I finish reading this, I am going to sell it back to the used bookstore. At least I can get some of my money back.

    Good thing I did not buy it new. I would not be interested in contributing to his fucking junkie habit.

    Oh and it confirms the obvious.....Axle Grease is a fucking loser asshole cocksucker. Fuck that worthless piece of shit. He is a pathetic excuse for a human being. Fucking idiot.

    Ethel Merman should have murdered her red-headed bastard step-child test-tube baby while she had the chance.