Pathological Liar Republican Caught Pretending To Be Gay?

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  • FORD

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    Eat Us And Smile

    Cenk For America 2024!!

    Justice Democrats

    "If the American people had ever known the truth about what we (the BCE) have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched." - Poppy Bush, 1992


    • Nickdfresh

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      Feds File Criminal Charges Against George Santos: Report

      Feds File Criminal Charges Against George Santos: Report

      Rachel Olding
      Tue, May 9, 2023 at 5:39 PM EDT
      In this article:

      George Santos
      Politician and member of the U.S. Congress representing New York's 3rd district

      Federal prosecutors have filed criminal charges against serial fabulist Rep. George Santos (R-NY), according to CNN.

      Three sources familiar with the matter told the network that Santos is likely to appear in federal court in New York on Wednesday for charges that remained under seal on Tuesday.

      The news appeared to catch Santos by surprise. “That’s news to me,” he said when reached by phone Thursday evening by Associated Press reporter Farnoush Amiri. “You’re the first to call me about this.”

      While the specific charges weren’t immediately known, Santos has been under investigation by a slew of agencies, from local district attorney’s offices to the Department of Justice to the Federal Election Commission to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

      Federal regulators have also reportedly been looking into Santos’ assets and more than half a million dollars in loans he supposedly distributed to his 2022 campaign for New York’s third congressional district.

      Santos reportedly had no assets and was making $55,000 a year at an investment firm prior to his first congressional run in 2020, according to financial disclosures. But just two years later, he claimed assets between $3.5 million and $11.5 million, and he claimed to have loaned his campaign $700,000 from his company, the Devolder Organization, before dissolving the firm in Sept. 2022.

      The Daily Beast reported in January that Santos’ political operation later filed a flurry of amended campaign finance reports, telling the feds, among other things, that a $500,000 loan may not have, in fact, come from his personal funds. And later that month, the FEC notified the treasurer for the Santos campaign that they “may have failed to include the true, correct, or complete treasurer information” when they erroneously named a new treasurer in campaign filings.

      Separately, Santos has been accused of lying about everything from his dog charity to his alleged Jewish ancestry to his mother’s 9/11 death and his claim of being a former high-flying banker and college volleyball champ.

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