Five Takeaways From Trump’s Unruly Town Hall

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  • Kristy
    • Aug 2004
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    Five Takeaways From Trump’s Unruly Town Hall

    •* Trump won’t let go of his lies about 2020 or 6 January:
    “I think that, when you look at that result and when you look at
    what happened during that election, unless you’re a very stupid
    person, you see what happens,” Trump said, calling the election he
    lost “rigged.”

    •* The GOP audience stacked the deck, but revealed where the base is:
    The audience’s regular interruptions on behalf of Trump were like a
    laugh track on a sitcom.* No matter how vulgar, profane or politically
    incorrect Trump was, the Republican crowd in New Hampshire
    audibly ate up the shtick of the decades-long showman.

    •* Republicans cheered, but so did Democrats looking to the general
    election.* Trump’s answers played well in the hall but could all find
    their way into Democratic messaging in the next 18 months.* The
    Biden campaign was already figuring out what segments could be
    turned quickly into digital ads.

    •* Trump aggressively dodged taking a stance on a federal abortion
    ban.* His repeated dodges and euphemisms were hard to miss.*
    "Getting rid of Roe versus Wade was an incredible thing for pro-life,”
    he said.

    •* He deepened his legal jeopardy with comments on investigations.
    The most heated exchange that Trump had with the moderator was
    over the special counsel investigation into his possession of hundreds
    of presidential records, including more than 300 individual classified
    documents, after he left office.* ** He also defended himself for a
    call he had with Georgia’s secretary of state in which he said he
    was trying to “find” enough votes to win. “I didn’t ask him to find
    anything,” Trump lied.

    —If this disastrous Town Hall is any indicator of the standard of his
    * *future Town Halls, then a loss in 2024 will be guaranteed.* The* *
    * *electorate is simply weary of Trump's repetitive lying and
    * *obfuscation.* I'm also guessing his Parkinson's could be starting
    * *to affect his brain to some degree, as it is his physical condition.

    Side note:* Parkinson's primarily affects neurons in the an area of
    the brain called the substantia nigra. Some of these dying neurons
    produce dopamine, a chemical that sends messages to the part of
    the brain that controls movement and coordination.

    Ol' orange F A T T Y has nothing new to say and he never did. People are getting bored with his schtick. Even some of his cult members are tired of his whining: election was rigged, witch hunt, I'm a victim, blah blah blah. He needs to forget the past and look to the future if he wants to win new voters and he definitely has some sort of medical issue and yeah, it might be Parkinson's. His poor grasp of international politics; the US economy; the issues of immigration; the failings of law and order; the increasing eastern European conflicts; and the deterioration of US health, educational standards and social safety net were an embarrassment that left America being laughed at by the rest of the world.

    Then there is ol' orange F A T T Y's lack of a genuine education—other than the one bought from Penn’s Wharton by means of a generous donation from his Klan Wizard father Fred—was abysmal. He has difficulty reading lengthy documents, problems expressing his ideas in words or writing them down, and even troubles walking down ramps or holding a drinking glass—possibly due to the effects of his Parkinson's catching up with him. As for "sleepy Joe" yeah, a bit older than Trump, stumbles over his word and looks physically frail. Even Biden's 40-year successful political career, and runs rings around Trump in
    any public debate.

    Having said that though, I'd have to say Biden should NOT be the 2024 Democratic candidate. No way in hell.

    Anyway, I just look forward to ol orange F A T T Y's next arraignment.
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