Dimarzio "Rails" for Strat & Tele

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  • kentuckyklira
    • Sep 2004
    • 1776

    Originally posted by Panamark

    Do they come with switch bounce circuitry ??

    (ie: a cap and resitor to kill the initial surge)

    I could probably hook that up myself, but then you
    are back to having resistance in the tonal chain..
    There definitely are switches that look like pots. They´re just not as common as push/pull pots. Some stompboxes have them so you might find them at one of the "make your own stompbox" shops. Some guitars, mainly in the 60s and even Gibsons, had them, usually with a chicken head knob on them.


    • 25%moreCOWBELL
      Full On Cocktard
      • Mar 2006
      • 28

      I went with the Seymour Duncan Hot Rail in the bridge and the Lil'59er in the neck and middle of my strat copy(made by strat copy). You guys are right....these little things rock man, all kinds of humbucker crunch. They sound way better than I thought they would. I also changed the 250k pot to 500k so I'm not sure what effect that is adding but to my ears so far it's all good.


      • Panamark
        • Jan 2004
        • 17161

        Good Choice 25% !!

        Those Hotrails are awesome.

        How easy it to get a pinched harmonic happening ??
        Fookin wails !!!
        BABY PANA 2 IS Coming !! All across the land, let the love and beer flow !
        Love ya Mary Frances!


        • DLRdelight!
          • Jul 2004
          • 1501

          i was thinking of also getting a telecaster soon


          • ELVIS
            • Dec 2003
            • 44120

            yeah, I read that somewhere...

            Check out the examples on eBay...


            • indeedido
              • Feb 2004
              • 2293

              I put a Dimarzio Tele Super Distorion in my telecaster. It is a single coil rail that sounds like a humbucker. I love it. I can get a thick humbucker sound out of it. I was so surprised after I wired it in. I think it's great. Pretty crunchy through my JSX.
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