Guitar Center Is On It's Death Bed....On Life Support

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  • jhale667
    • Aug 2004
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    Originally posted by Matt White
    I loved rewatching the 1982 Kramer vid....& the maker talks aboot adding the wear marks to the make it look like ED used it a bunch....."relic"-ing" in the 80's! Who knew?!?
    I gotta check that out again...
    Originally posted by conmee
    If anyone even thinks about deleting the Muff Thread they are banned.... no questions asked.

    That is all.

    Originally posted by GO-SPURS-GO
    I've seen prominent hypocrite liberal on this site Jhale667

    Originally posted by Isaac R.
    Then it's really true??:eek:

    The Muff Thread is really just GONE ???

    OMFG...who in their right mind...???
    Originally posted by eddie78
    I was wrong about you, brother. You're good.


    • Mushroom
      • Jul 2009
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      Originally posted by jhale667
      Their corporate goal apart from being the Home Depot of guitars, was/is to "crush every other music retailer" - especially mom & pop stores. Good to see they may not succeed at that goal.
      Guitar Center finally moved into my town about 5 years ago. One day, several years ago I visited my local guitar shop. I noticed there were two Gibsons left on the racks. I asked the clerk what happened? They said they are no longer licensed to sell Gibsons because GC moved into town. In short GC made a contractual agreement with Gibson that GC is Gibson’s exclusive dealer in our town. Good riddance GC, Karma wins again. I pledge allegiance to my local guitar shop!


      • ODShowtime

        • Jun 2004
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        Originally posted by Matt White
        Just don't be a failed hack guitar player.....remember, its nobody elses fault if you suck...only yours.

        Put down the Ayn Rand garbage & pick up GUITAR WORLD.............
        All you have to do is walk in there knowing you play better, more soulful guitar than any of the wankers, and knowing that you know how to extract the most vicious deal possible from them, separating them from their precious commissions, and you're fine.

        Walked in 2PM last X-mas eve with a jones for a maple-neck American Standard Strat. Walked out at 3PM with the guitar I wanted at the exact price I wanted to pay. Now that pretty little baby with Alcino Vs has been recruited into my dark harem. (man I need to get my hands on her today...)

        It's too bad romney and his bunch got their hands on them and saddled them with debt and then extracted all the cash for themselves, but that is what they do. Their goal is not to help. They are vampires. But then again so is GC.
        gnaw on it