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  • So this is love
    • Jan 2012
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    This was pretty good

    I hope this works........anyways this show is great!

    And by the way I am overdue for some VH Live. Happy 40th next year and hopefully its only DLR as singer..........Oh and by the way Van Halen could not have existed without EVH AND DLR......RNR!!!!!! yeah baby! I need my fix...I came to the conclusion that nothing is perfect and for those in doubt what else is out there live? fire it up!!!!! I want it bad! and for those who would like to see Alex face go to 1:24:ish And finally, if I buy this fucking guitar EVH IS PLAYING will I finally get that BROWN SOUND?!!!!!!!!!!!!???? and for those who don't like it well FU.......

    For the record: I hate VH as much as I love'em.....for all the reasons every real VH fans knows... FckNG AsHoles GIVE US some FULL OAKLAND CONCERT HD WILL YOU LOL!!!!!!!!RNR!
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    Now who`s that babe with the fab-u-lous shad-ow?
  • DLR Bridge

    • Mar 2011
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    I reckon this is the show whereby Dave’s guests were escorted out. Just watched a bit of it including Ice Cream Man. It was a smokin version. I forgot how Dave switched up his pre-song banter from night to night. He’s playing acoustic with a slide and harmonica. It’s practically unforgivable that he hasn’t put out any studio recordings in this style. The John 5 stuff is good but not great. Dave with an acoustic has a unique pulse.

    I maintain that Dave’s singing in 2015 was better than 2012, with exception to Chinatown and DTNA where it’s just as difficult to listen to on each of the tours. Regardless, I sure do miss this stuff.