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    Meeting with David

    One Fan Told the Meeting:

    I just met David Lee Roth!!!!!
    So I've been a long time fan of David Lee and Van Halen. Today while at the Scottish Games in Pleasanton (in California) I walked by where they had sheep dogs herding sheep. As I walk by these four guys sitting in chairs I hear a familiar voice. Now we all know that nobody else sounds like Dave. I turn and look and sure enough it looks like Dave too. He's wearing a hat, cargo pants, and a San Francisco Caledonian Club tee shirt. He's clearly in great shape as I can see the veins in his neck and arms. He must have like zero body fat. As I walk away I tell my wife that I think I just saw Diamond Dave. She saw him too but says there's no way he would be here at the Scottish games. We walk away and move on to other events at the games but it's killing me cause I know it's him.
    A couple of hours go by and it hits me.....they had a board that had all the names of all the dogs and their owners. I decided to run back and look. There it was on the whiteboard down towards the bottom...Dave Roth. I walk back over and he's still in the same chair. I can't not say anything so I say "excuse me is your name Dave?" The man replies "Yes it is." I then ask him "Is it David Lee Roth?" and he says "well, yes it is." I couldn't believe it! How was he not being mobbed by a thousand people? I asked him a couple more questions. I also tell him I knew it was him from his voice and he says "ah yes, the rusty pipes." I tell him how I grew up listening to him and Van Halen and that it killed me living so many years with false rumors of him getting back with VH. I then asked him if they were doing anything more and he said in the next 7-8 months we'd be hearing from them. I asked for a picture and then shook his hand. He was very nice to me. He asked me where I was from etc. I couldn't believe it! I just met THE David Lee Roth. I wanted to scream and tell everybody. How could all these peaople not know he was there???? I left with a huge smile on my face.
    Here's the Pic:
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    Duplicate, closing...
    Eat Us And Smile - The Originals

    "I have a very belligerent enthusiasm or an enthusiastic belligerence. I’m an intellectual slut." - David Lee Roth

    "We are part of the, not just the culture, but the geography. Van Halen music goes along with like fries with the burger." - David Lee Roth