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  • DeadMan1984
    • Jun 2004
    • 187

    Ok check this out

    I got EEAS for 5.74, Skyscraper for 1.11, ALAE for .40, and YFLM for .55. I've had the Best of album for 3 years now, but never bought the albums until now bc I thought the Best would be enuff, but recently it hasnt been and I was lucky to get a great bargain on these albums. What I want to know is how good each album is. Looks right now to me the EEAS is the best but I dunno. Help me out fellow Roth heads.

  • TwoFoolsAMinute
    • Apr 2004
    • 925

    My Opinion:

    1. EEAS
    2. DLR Band
    3. A Lil Ain't Enough
    4. Skyscraper
    5. Your Filthy Little Mouth
    6. Crazy From The Heat
    7. Diamond Dave

    This is a ranking of the overall albums. Scyscraper has some of my favorite guitar and bass work on it, and I like the variety, but it don't seem like Roth's style somehow. Maybe it's over-polished. YFLM has great lyrics and variety, and covers a broad range of musical styles. Guess it kinda depends on your mood. Eat Em and Smile just rocks! and A Lil Ain't Enough is not too shabby itself.