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  • clarathecarrot
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    Thanks dad,.... now you tell me big tittied blonde ho's ain't real..

    and athletic brunettes are the better choice of women..

    and as well how it has worked out, I have surrounded myself with medium titted blondes with big asses, and big tittied redheads that sport a burlesque style of frame.

    So as I have finally been explained to about the hos and athleticos If I date a athletico will she make me jog with her ? I am willing to try but becoming all athletical just sounds like so yesterday.

    Will she want to fuck or run a foot race ?
    2015 once smoke 2 smoke ...poke
    clara the tiny giraffe make fur curve


    • slimdon
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      Love that song!

      Originally posted by assclownbush
      David Lee Roth's Nightlife video from Your Filthy Little Mouth:
      'Night Life' will forever remain my "Shared the spotlight with Dave" moment for me. On his 1995 Vegas venture, me and a couple buddies drove down to Vegas to see a couple of Dave's shows at Bally's; October 20/21 I believe. I'm pretty certain that the Thursday show was his first Vegas gig, and that he'd one a couple of warm-ups in Lake Tahoe. Anyways, during the Saturday show I had planned on walking up to the stage (we were seated at the 2nd row of tables), to hand Dave a note. As we'd seen the show the night before, I waited until the end of his set before 'Night Life' where I knew I had a small window to maybe get his attention. Sure enough I did, and as the song kicked in he walked over to me to see what I wanted. He was right at arms reach looking down at me and I stood, note in hand, in his spotlight holding it up so he could take it. He grabbed it out of my hand, adjusted his eyes and began reading it, but he had to start singin the song... "When the evening, sun goes down....", so he put the note in his pocket and went on with his business. But I'll tell ya something, when he came back on for his encore, he came right over to our side of the stage and acknowledged us being there. Twas pretty f**king cool.

      What I had wrote on the note was,

      "We travelled over 1300 miles to surf the wave of thee Dave last night and tonight, and you kicked our ass."

      Thank you very much,
      Captain Supership
      Brother Shakin'
      Lt. Dr. Fever

      We smoked alot of weed back then, so we had some f**ked up psydeonames. Nonetheless, another cool Dave moment in my life.


      • mohican
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        • Jul 2011
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        Slimdon - Cool story. I heard "Just Like Paradise" on the radio today. Classic rock stations in my area usually don't play DLR songs so it was a nice surprise.


        • Shawnriffhard
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          • Apr 2015
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          First time poster and just saw the Nightlife video last night. Really like it and think the chick is extremely hot. Does anyone know who she is?