Breaking down David Bowie's 'Heroes' - Track-by-track

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  • Seshmeister

    • Oct 2003
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    Breaking down David Bowie's 'Heroes' - Track-by-track

    Producer Tony Visconti uses the original master tapes from sessions at Hansa Studio in Berlin to get to the heart of the title track from 'Heroes', one of David Bowie’s best-loved songs.

    We hear the song built up by individual contributions, including those from guitarist Robert Fripp, Brian Eno's 'synthesiser in a briefcase' and of course David Bowie's powerful, harshly emotional vocal.

    This film with Tony Visconti is an extended version of that on the BBC Four programme Music Moguls: Melody Makers. It closes with the iconic music video for 'Heroes', directed in 1977 by Stanley Dorfman.
    Release date:
    20 January 2016

    21 minutes

    Producer Tony Visconti uses the original master tapes to get to the heart of "Heroes".
  • Anonymous
    • May 2004
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    Originally posted by Seshmeister

    Posting drunk again, I see.

    At your age.

    It's just shameful, now.


    • Kristy
      • Aug 2004
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      V-2 Schneider

      Great for masturbation purposes.


      • Funkmonkey
        Head Fluffer
        • Jan 2004
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        Originally posted by Seshmeister
        It's interesting that Visconti said they recorded the effect for the tracks on the tape. He said they wanted to do that so that they couldn't take the effect off. But I don't understand why that is a particular issue for them that they felt they needed to force themselves to keep a particular sound. Are they Tom Scholtz-style perfectionists that would spend weeks taking the effect off and putting the effect right back on?