A place where we can give Gar what he so desperately need.... Attention.

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  1. Anonymous
    Share your love for this traitorous piece of shit here.

    Make him feel special.

    As in, retarded special.

    Cheers! :bottle:
  2. ZahZoo
    If there's any truth to what's been posted of Gar's involvement... The only attention he deserves comes from those with a badge.
  3. Nickdfresh
    Wut wut? Rumours of that flaming douchebags involvement?
  4. Candy Girl
    Candy Girl
    Lynching would be too good for him..........
  5. jhale667
    So we can add site-hack inviter on to short, fat, bald, racist, scumbag, asshat troll. The words "blunt-force trauma" come to mind.
  6. Igosplut
    Who lives in So Cal? That is, In a high area of homeless people??
  7. Diamondjimi
    GARfail is the biggest piece of "fAiLsHiT this site has ever known. I wouldn't put it past him to start this kind of bullshit. Why isn't he permabanned?
  8. kwame k
    kwame k
    Agreed, the little fella has got to go. Notice how he's even giving Sarge shit about it too! Ban him and one of the Mod's give us his IP Addy, we'll handle it from there
  9. hideyoursheep
    I want his head.....on the hood of my car!
  10. Hardrock69
    Fuck that loser. Even if he is not 'involved' in hacking this site intentionally, with Muslims being as touchy as they are, I feel only an idiot would post as "Allah", as it only invites trouble.
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