1. Susie Q
    Susie Q
    To the friend who brought this group stuff to my attention to make a social group hating this assclown.
  2. Unchainme
    I'd say he's more of autistic attention whore if anything. God the guy is getting on my nerves.
  3. Steve Savicki
    Steve Savicki

    Think Warham would mind if you started the same group over at RothFans?
  4. Susie Q
    Susie Q
    Unchainme, he gets on the majority of our nerves. He pisses me off to no end. At least we have a space now to air our frustrations.

    Steve, LOL!!
  5. Unchainme

    Started a thread, please contribue to it.

  6. Susie Q
    Susie Q
    I see this dick head is still posting bullshit....
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