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    • May 2004
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    Dave's back for one final fling!

    They'll be touring next month, I think.

    From the official site:

    We’re delighted to announce that Chas & Dave will be back in 2011.

    After Dave’s much publicised retirement from the band following the death of his wife Sue last year, the boys recently decided to get back on the road for a farewell tour next year. Full tour dates are currently being finalised but the one confirmed date is at the o2 Indigo, London, on March 11th 2011. Tickets are now on sale here. Keep an eye on the tour dates page for updates. But of course in the meantime, get your Rockney fix by checking out Chas and His Band who are on tour now.

    Cheers! :bottle:
The Chas 'n' Dave fan emporium

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