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    happy birthday senor!
  2. hi bạn tn g vậy ?, Mnh tn l khu, mnh qu ở bnh lục, hiện mnh đang sống ở quảng trị hiện tại mnh năm nay16 tuổi

    cac kieu toc

    tao mau toc[/color]

    cham soc toc[/color]
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    Hey Sarge. Thanks so much for keeping the Torch. This site has actually done more for me than you know. Thank you for Service.

    Roth On!
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    i should really apologise for that email , i was angry and drunk. sorry
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    thank you for everything
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    hope you are well
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    I'm showing my age here but I just viewed Dave's video's...crazy from the heat...ah...i remember when this came out and i was going to catholic school...i actually asked to be excused so i could listen to DLR's new single..i listened to it in a bathroom roberts catholic highschool... that is my confession!
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    Hi Sarge,

    Please tell Eddie its been too long and we should probably talk - but preferably not at or following the concert.

    Thank you,
    Molly Blue aka lms2
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    You should be modded Von , DEf.
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    Can you fire that negative fag Elvis please?

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    I haven't told you, but thanks for the kickass site. Great to be a part of it!
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    Any plans of heading West? Come out for LA, SD or Anaheim show. It be a blast an honor to see homecoming show with new dig,have way old one, want to say hey.
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    viva vh

    things are lookin' grate , eh ?
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    Welcome back!!! When did you land back in states?
    This is ALL awesome goodness, no feed was probably on purpose in case not happy with sound quality.
    WARF is the luckiest mother in history to be at the event of all time.
    Hope we can hang or talk soon,

  15. Sarge I can't seem to see the exclusive DLR video says Im not embed on this I missing something? Thanks.
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    I'm a computer dolt. Any idea why my profile pic doesn't show up in my posts? Thanks.-DLR Bridge
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    hola, hope you're doin' well
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    just a quick thanx for a kiss ass joint to hang my hat and shoot the shit
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    Happy Birthday,Sarge.

    Good To See More Leo's Around Here.
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    I didn't do that...

    I quoted you and told you to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

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    "I have had my posts edited and reedited by Elvis."

    That's a fucking lie and you know it!

    yeh you are right dude.. thats why I must have wrote "SHUT THE FUCK UP" on my own threads and added the last edited by Elvis...
    Look if Sarge runs this place like that..good for him I guess.. should change the name of the site though since it clearly isnt pro DLR ..
    You assholes posted my IP, my work, first and last name and it wasnt like anyone was just coming up with that was all MODS...
    Sarge allows his MODS to access info and post it on the boards...
    so stop lying.. man up and stop being a pathetic lying pussy dude..
    I must have also added the SARGE HELP shit on my post too...
    pathetic dude.. cowards and pussys ...
    as far as stealing material..this site has none dude...
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    "I have had my posts edited and reedited by Elvis."

    That's a fucking lie and you know it!
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    Seriously dude..
    come on.. you guys arent better than this?
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    Tell me Sarge.. just what personal info dont you guys post?
    I have had my name thrown out there both first and last, the name of the company I work for, my IP address, I have had my posts edited and reedited by Elvis, VH Beach posted my IP and name and company, Cato posted my age...
    all i can say is its a good thing you have that disclaimer that says you dont post personal info...
    and as you can see below
    someone has posted as me here : see below message
    Sarge help, help, help
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    What, are you afraid of me ??

    I simply removed personal information and told you to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    And nobody posted any names, just IP's, which I feel is wrong...

    But you can go suck a cock!

    I can't believe you're crying to Sarge, who has much beter things to do with his time...

    Just go the fuck away and don't steal our material...

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    and now ya have MODS like ELVIS jumping in and modifying posts as seen below:
    he added the SHUT THE FUCK UP...
    "already notified Sarge... "
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    Sarge help, help, help
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    looks like other people are sick of it also Dude

    If you -mods- want to IP search keep it in the goddam mod room!!! why don't you just post every goddamn bodys IP, and start with your own.
    You people are like 13 year old school girls...pathetic..
    Maybe it's time to clean house around here, every other post in the fan intro is, "IP please" then the condescending rotf giggle smilie, you all are the Nazzis not the BCE.
    None of us real posters could fukking care less who is who, your all sad, that participate in these witch hunts, pussies the lot o'yu.
    This is MOD sh!t not to be shared with the general public. FUKK OFF!!!
    "Your info will remain private" .....MY ASS!!!
    Perhaps we should write a letter to Sarge and inform him of this abuse of membership privacy, that is why we ALL have user names other than our own private names...?
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Website Progress!

by Sarge on 04-14-2010 at 06:20 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Sarge View Post
Dear Roth Army,
We are making progress. Here is a list of changes.

Upgraded to vbulletin 4.0
Upgraded the photopost image gallery (They are on a beta version that needs some work. I am going to have to upgrade later.
Upgraded the blogs, which caused us to lose all the old blog entries. (Sorry)
Skinned the forum to a more pleasing color. If you don't like the current version, my apologies. It is much better than the blue and purple we had for the last 1.5 years. Before that we were offline for 9 months. This is the best the place has looked since 2007.

Installed these plugins:
1. AMP Auto Tagger 1.0.1 Automatically Tags Threads with Titles
2. Everywhere Sidebar 1.1.4 This mod will show the sidebar everywhere in the forum if the sidebar is enabled by the administrator (I disabled this on showthread.php because it was too busy looking)
3. Replace the vBulletin Default Quick Reply and Edit With Full Quick reply And Edit Box With Smilies.
4. Post Thank You Hack
5. Member number under avatar.
6. Custom title under avatar.
7. Separate Sticky and Normal Threads
8. Auto Reply in the fan intro forum by Sarge's Little Helper
9. Paypal donate system / donor tags
10. Top posters of the month/year
11. View your threads and posts (look in the navigation bar)
12. Top posters of the month/year
13. View donations
14. The view new posts that updates every 15 seconds (look upper left navigation bar)
15. Arcade

Mezro and Melton will turn over a new forum design and a developer will skin the forums.
A return of the rest of the main website to include interviews, biography, lyrics, etc
I am thinking about installing

Read More

Website Design / Forum Upgrade Timeline

by Sarge on 04-14-2010 at 05:44 PM
Here is what needs to be done

1. Forums upgraded by
2. Blog Upgraded
3. Picture forum upgraded / Arcade Upgraded
4. Website design sent to developer to skin
5. Customization
6. Done

7. The rest of the website will be upgraded to include what was there before: Interviews/Lyrics.. etc.
I can't start any of that until the design is skinned.

Thanks to all those that have donated or supported this website
donate here

I will be posting updates in this thread. Please don't make any requests until we are in the customization phase.

Thanks to Mezro/Va Beach/ Panamark for all their hard work
In Roth We Trust,

Updated 04-14-2010 at 06:01 PM by Sarge