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That dumb fat fuck Trunk failing to realize everyone in the band is a "person commonly be known by three initials?"

I hope Dave doesn't not like the album though. The Tokyo thing I would maybe understand more.
I think its total BS saying Dave doesn't like the ADKOT album.

Sure we all know he would've preferred Mike on it which is why he didn't want Wolf and Ed to record background vox. But that doesn't mean he wants it now pulled from streaming.
It’s BS. Dave wouldn’t continue in a project he didn’t like. I remember Dave taking about a Different Kind of Truth and proudly saying he wrote some of the lyrics while riding on the fire engine as an EMT. I think that’s where Chinatown comes from. Look at the album cover. That’s all Dave.

Wolfgang is just being an ass. He HATES VH fans and it shows. Oh well, the fat fuck clearly isn’t happy even with his band’s success. The guy goes into his depressive mode and shits on VH fans on social media. He was a daddy’s boy and dad is gone. For some reason he hates us and the Van Halen legacy. Wolf is heading for a heart attack. Maybe someone with more sense will do more with the legacy once Wolf is out of the picture. Alex’s son seems like a fun guy. I heard good things. He’s a runner. He’s about as opposite as Wolf as you can get.