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I'm the first to criticise Simmons in particular so was pretty surprised to hear that too from Rush - Kiss did treat them well over more than one tour I think.

Seems like such a weird match-up although maybe a bit less so in the mid 70s when it happened.
Stylistically it does seem a bit of a mismatch.

I think Rush opened up for KISS during 1974 and 1975, and most if not all the dates took place before Alive! was released. Pre-Alive!, KISS hadn't yet ascended to playing 10,000 + seat venues night after night and selling them out. That whole 1975 Dressed To Kill tour that Alive! was the product of was a patchwork of performing arts theaters, auditoriums, halls, convention centers and the like. I think that the band headlined Cobo Hall for the first time on that 1975 tour and KISS themselves were stunned they sold it out because back then it wasn't their usual experience to sell out a 10,000-seat venue and it wasn't typical of that tour, either.

It should also be said that a lot of bands didn't want KISS opening for them during KISS's first nationwide concert appearances when KISS were an opening act. Ostensibly because KISS were looked upon as an insincere joke, but perhaps it was a bit closer to the truth that KISS were doing all that then-outrageous stuff onstage and some of those headlining acts KISS was opening for didn't want to be upstaged, plain and simple. And there weren't a lot of bands who wanted to open for KISS pre-Alive! because while KISS got a decent amount of magazine hype due to their image they weren't a band who was even going gold in terms of record sales up to Alive! along with the thing of who wants to go out and open for a band like KISS when you know the entire audience is there for the KISS show, with all the explosions, special effects and the rest of it? It would have to be a band really hungry to work and confident in their own abilities. Back then, Rush were that band, going from tour to tour opening up for whoever they could. Like, I wouldn't say Uriah Heep were stylistically compatible with Rush any more than KISS were, but Rush opened up for them as well during that same time period.

Plus, back in pre-Alive! 1975, who gave two shits about KISS, much less Rush?