The Journals

A recording of time passage and events.

  1. What If The Bible Is Really True? Parts 1 & 2

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    She wants to travel to Rome to do it on the dome.
    She is going to call St. Peter, St. Peter
    Then he is going to eat 'er
    The pope will go ballistic.
    When the Eagle lands.
    Oh Michael Michael, the poor pope says
    Lord have mercy ole Michael is dead.

    Then then she is going to the dome.
    Lord Lord the papal guards
    There with the rapier penetrated.
    Into the lung to take the breath away.

    Blood on the dome
    Lord come home.

    Oberst Ordered.
    Pull your baton
    bludgeon him!
    Bludgeon him!

    As they drown in the holy see.
    It was always meant to be.
    There is no nature here.
    Mother Mary, Mother Mary.
    Oh where was
    Oh where was

    Come with me, my love.
    Let us swim in the deep Holy See
    It is our destiny.

    To this man she doth honor
    To this man she doth honor
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  2. Demia

    I am not afraid.
    I do mortify.
    Crimes are crimes.
  3. Love song 11

    Come with me to our reverie
    Close your eyes and pursue the beckon
    Alone and warm, all burrowed in bed
    You enter my core.
    Heady, hard, and cold
    In our 2 dimensional play we have everything but sensation.
    Pinch yourself in this place of free will,
    Everything is as you make it, except, except
    If we are in Godís realm,
    Give me hell with you.
    I want your flesh.
    I want to feel the heat of your breath when you suckle my breast.
    I want to throb from your touch.
    Give me hell with you and leave our spirits to another time
    I want, you want, let us wanton
    Despoiling our core with the sensation of us
    Till we never want to leave this dominion of conscious
    Feel the throb of your flesh against mine
    Let your sweat drip to my thigh.
    Where is this in Godís realm?
    Lock your stare to my groon oogen
    Till you pierce my soul and I cast my glance away.
    Oh dear God, I beg for our mercy.
    Pity the corruption of our soul from your reward.
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  4. To love

    To love the rain
    I will sleep well tonight
    With the tumble of raindrops.
    My lost soul is still not found
    But the raindrops comfort me.
    The rhythm of chaos reminds me
    My human form is real
    My lost anger and fear of the death brigade
    Tumbles with each discordant rhythm

    I would add music, but I have not figured out how to to do that yet.
    Neither with sound nor written cord.

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  5. you last night

    I dreamed of you last night
    We were reclined and loosely entwined with my head upon your chest and your leg snug in my crotch.
    I glanced up when you chest reverberated a command and a laughter to those around us.
    I was mesmerized; it was like looking at me with a soul.
    Your eyes full of warm charm, not a glacier bolt demise.
    Your skin had a pink glow of aspiration, not the insipid gnash of pale fate.
    A recitalist came by and I was on the hunt; one more beating, one more run, just one little runt.
    Then your voice came from mine, a command;
    The command for her to remove her dowel from me.
    The sound of flesh closing in on a lesion echoed.
    I grabbed it from her hand and destroyed it with a stare.
    We reclined you placed your thigh snuggly in my crotch.
    The cast and crew changed. You smiled and I followed suit.

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