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to read that our Diamond Dave is training to bring injured military men onto helicoptors . It's so cool that he's been an EMT all this time in lower Manhattan. I played an EMT as an extra in a movie comming out called Abduction with that dude from Twilight and Lily Collins, Phil Collins daughter from the group Genesis. I was just happy to fit into the uniform!....I loved the pants, they were a navy blue strong wool material....I wish I had a pair just to wear to church or anywhere. They'd be great in the winter.....I'd love to see a photo of Dave in uniform......He's a hell of a guy! What a combo, Rock Star/EMT....You gotta love him! Maybe he can assist me in exorcisms someday.....That's what I want to do when I grow up. Especially since none of my Catholic priests seem to have any interest in it. I said to my priest/rock star; "Is that all your guys do is sit around and play Little Guitars"? He was like Van Halen and I said "Yea" then I went on and on about David Lee Roth and it turns out he went to the reunion concert too! Maybe he can come with me and Cathy this time and I'll practice an exocism on him! All I know is that 50% of the population has possession and I'd like to help them. I know I fought it for 5 years. Sometimes ya gotta go through hell before ya get to heaven! Look out Beezlebub...I'm comming to get ya at a theater near you! Wait, Gene Simmons would be a good assistant huh?