Colorado Judge Keeps Trump Off Of Ballot

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  • Kristy
    • Aug 2004
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    Colorado Judge Keeps Trump Off Of Ballot

    Now if this same judge can keep the filthy Californians and Texans out of the state.

    A Colorado judge has rejected an attempt by former President Donald Trump to dismiss a lawsuit that seeks to keep him off the state ballot, ruling that his objections on free-speech grounds did not apply.The law also conflicted with a state requirement to get the question about Trump’s eligibility resolved quickly — before a Jan. 5 deadline for presidential candidates’ names to certified for the Colorado primary, Wallace wrote.

    Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington claims in its lawsuit that putting Trump on the ballot in Colorado would violate a provision of the 14th Amendment that bars people who have “engaged in insurrection” against the Constitution from holding office.

    Yay, Colorado. So fuck your fascist pro-ol' orange F A T T Y state. Of course this will be kicked up to higher courts but it's not so much that ol orange F A T T Y is a traitor and has engaged in open espionage against America, if this F A T orange buttfucker was reelected he'd be a great security threat to your entitled American way of life and what's left of democracy much less the Constitution. This judge knows what's truly going on.

    Oh yeah, link here:

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