Mayorkas Impeached

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  • Romeo Delight

    • Feb 2005
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    Mayorkas Impeached

    Mayorkas is the first Cabinet official to be impeached since the 1870s!!!

    I am not sure how anyone defends the actions of the current administration here.

    The gaslighting around how it's a broken system is surreal. If you defend current administration of policy it you aren't looking at this critically at all.

    So surprised the GOP managed to do this with all of their dysfunction. Not much will come of it of course as it won't last in the Senate. I guess some awareness and maybe CNN might have to discuss another point of view, even if its for 5 minutes...
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  • Catfish
    • Jan 2004
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    No question this guy was horseshit and the situation is trash, but I'm not a fan of impeachment. You vote for the dude (or the people who appoint the dude), you're stuck with him. This whole process we've seen since the Trump impeachments (and even Clinton before him) is dangerous and sets a risky precedent. You can't bump someone because you don't agree with the job they're doing--he has to be breaking a rule, no?

    Either way, it doesn't matter. You get rid of Mayorkas and the Dems will put someone else in who is even less capable. So you impeach that person too, then? It'll never end. Unless you vote the Dems out.


    • Nickdfresh

      • Oct 2004
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      So basically the same LIEberty Caucus assholes that refused to bring a vote to the Congress floor that would secure the border and provide funding for the Ukraine and Israel were busy Impeaching a guy that deported more "illegals" statistically than Trump did. BTW, they did so because Trump told them too because he wants immigration reform to fail, national defense to fail, and the economy to fail, and terrorists and Vlad Putin to "win"

      Okay. Watch your party go to complete shit as the Perma party of opposition...

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      • Seshmeister

        • Oct 2003
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        Originally posted by Nickdfresh
        That still really catches her...