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  • Seshmeister

    • Oct 2003
    • 35221

    BBQ Revisit

    If you haven't already I would suggest going back and watching David Lee Roth's No Holds Bar-B-Que on YouTube.

    With the following provisos

    1) Yes it's not EEAS 2 never mind Oakland, approach it with lower expectations than we had back in the day,

    2) Watch it in a relaxed way preferably at the weekend after a few beers/wines/vodkas/ketamine

    Firstly almost all of the music is great,. The thing that dragged me into this again was going back to the ELO cover.

    Which I've just realised is missing the big violin solo and all sorts of stuff.

    The amount of work put into this by the editor and so many ideas from Roth. Also there are a lot of funny moments. If you don't like a bit then don't worry it will change very soon after.

    And if you hate it here's the good news it was free and you can switch it off the second you don't want to see it any more.
  • ZahZoo

    • Jan 2004
    • 8978

    Lots of great music and the video skits are hilarious...
    "If you want to be a monk... you gotta cook a lot of rice...”


    • Vinnie Velvet
      Full Member Status

      • Feb 2004
      • 4587

      Its wacky for sure. But its pure Dave. The music is great.
      =V V=
      ole No.1 The finest


      • Terry
        • Jan 2004
        • 11968

        [The BBQ] was always this weird, eclectic thing.

        I got it - if memory serves correctly - in 2002 via a bootleg trade. Back when bootlegs were still being traded in physical media form. And I got it (and still have it) via a VHS tape, no less!

        I wanna say I got it just before or just as Roth and Hagar did that co-headlining tour.

        It was the timing of it, in that after the DLR Band cd came out I was hoping Roth would resume his solo career again, particularly with respect to live performances. When I saw him open for Bad Company in 1999 (and just seeing Roth in an opening act capacity was a weird enough adjustment), I think he played, like Slam Dunk off the DLR Band album and maybe one or two other Roth solo songs and the rest was Classic Van Halen. But at least Dave was touring again, and putting out new solo music again, and performing in a style more reminiscent of what he was doing in Van Halen than, say, his mid-1990's Las Vegas Slamming Mambo Lounge Lizard Whatever The Fuck That Was.

        However, the BBQ did sort of remind me of the mid-90's Vegas stint because with both instances there were parts of them that made me think Wacky Uncle Dave had pulled perhaps a few too many all nighters with the aid of too much Bolivian Chit Chat Powder rendering the brain damage perhaps more permanent than temporary.

        Some parts of the BBQ work well. Some parts are bizarro retardo. I recall thinking at the time that the bits of music that were electronically dance oriented were something I quite enjoyed. Lot of stuff going on. Acoustic interludes. Wacked out visuals. Seemingly a several day dope binge party at his house in terms of the vibe. Underlying a feeling I had where I wondered if Roth was still actually having fun trying to keep up his crazy rock and roll image or was I watching someone trying real hard to make it look like he was having fun.

        Definitely unique. Sadly, really the last thing he did solo-wise that caught my interest outside of the odd solo tracks he has released online over the last 5 years or so (NOT those reworked CVH tracks he put out a year or so ago, but the original Roth solo material audio he has put up online). AFter the BBQ, his 2003 Diamond Dave CD and that silly Van Strumming stuff = ca ca.
        Scramby eggs and bacon.