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  • Seshmeister

    • Oct 2003
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    I think I would like to try it just to see if I like it.

    It must depend a lot on what age you are, your personality and your prior life experiences. It definitely doesn't seem like it's a good thing for young people anyway.

    I think the trick would be to give most of it away to good causes which gives you something useful to do while at the same time making sure you don't leave so much that you kill the drive of the next generation.

    The key here being 'most'. Usually it seems that the very wealthy only give away crumbs of their fortune and yet expect great applause for it.
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    • Funkmonkey
      Head Fluffer
      • Jan 2004
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      If you're always growing and improving yourself, then I think you'll be okay.


      • bryam
        Roth Army Recruit
        • Dec 2020
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        Hello everyone, a pleasure to greet you, thank you for sharing this, this incredible I would like to hear the rest if you have them to delight me with such beautiful music