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Well I overpaid for some lousy seats in Seattle to see Mick, Kieth and Charlie one last time before they died. Time waits for no one.
I can see wanting to see the band before they finally tap out from touring, therefore you bite the bullet and overpay the piper, particularly if one has never seen them live...because the Stones...they're just one of those bands...and with Charlie having passed an Mick having suffered heart problems, clearly it is no longer the case that the chances to see the band are endless in terms of years and years left to check them out.

I can recall thinking at the time that the $50 I paid for my scalped Stones ticket in 1989 was akin to highway robbery...good luck paying less than 6x that amount now, and that's just for nosebleed stadium seats.
What’s funny is in 1981 I did the same thing. I had a summer job at a country club. Two of the lifeguards who were older were talking about getting tickets to see The Stones in Phoenix. Me and another guy decided we might as well go because The Stones we’re getting old and we might not have another chance. So we bought our tickets and headed to Phoenix in one of the life guard’s van.