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It's just a shame that no one in the Van Halen clan could do a damn thing to recognize/memorialize/etc the passing of Ed or celebrate the man's contributions to rock music. I guess Wolfgang's 2 song performance at the Hawkins Tribute was something... but it wasn't intended to be about Ed.

I do give credit to Sam and Mike for doing something for Eddie that the whole damn music industry lacks the balls to do... including David Lee Roth. It's becoming apparent Dave doesn't have the ability to contribute to any of this. Please don't counter that Dave's above it all... that's bullshit. His best productive output is craft time finger painting and directing his media person to post to social media...
I never liked this whole idea of doing a “tribute” to a dead band member. It’s a very Hagar businessman thing to do but it’s not an art-centric, Classic VH thing to do. They’re profiting off the death of their band mate. It’s not classy and humble at all despite how many times Sam talks about how cool he is. And of course it’s never as good as it once was. Sam doesn’t seem to get that he’s beating the VH image into the ground by doing this shit, not elevating it.
More like Sammy is looking like a huge dork. Ed is probably up there laughing his ass off.